Tulsa Attorney BlogThe City of Tulsa Creates a Night Court on Thursdays

court attorney in Tulsa, OklahomaTulsa Introduces Thursday Night Court with Benefits.

The City of Tulsa has introduced a new initiative called the Night Court on Thursday nights. I’m Oklahoma Attorney James Wirth. The purpose of this new docket at the Tulsa Municipal Court is to accommodate individuals who work during the day and have difficulty attending court hearings. By offering this Thursday docket, people can now take care of their traffic tickets or other city tickets without having to take time off work.

Details of the Night Court

The Night Court will be held every Thursday starting from September 7th. By default, all cases will be scheduled for the regular morning dockets during the week. However, you have the option to request your court appearance to be moved to the Thursday night docket. This way, you can avoid taking time off work and instead appear in court on Thursday evenings.

The Thursday night docket will consist of three sessions at four, five, and six o’clock. Unfortunately, the specific details of how these dockets will be handled are currently unavailable. It is unclear whether they will follow a similar format to the morning dockets or if each session will be treated as an individual docket. However, based on previous experiences with the Tulsa Municipal Court, it is safe to assume that there will be flexibility in accommodating various needs.

Benefits of the Thursday Night Docket

One notable advantage of the Thursday night docket is the provision of a free Spanish translator. This service may not always be available during the week on other days. Therefore, if you are a Spanish speaker in need of a translator, it would be beneficial to request a court date on the Thursday night docket.

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