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  • Does the Type of Shoe That You Were Wearing During a Premises Liability Incident Matter?

    We’ve had some clients who were wearing skidproof workboats but were still the victim of a premises liability incident because there was very clear soap on the floor that they didn’t see.

  • If a Person Is Driving a Vehicle off the Clock, Is the Company Still Partially Liable?

    I’ve had some clients in the past who that was exactly the case. A person was driving. They were at a stoplight. The other person rear-ended them. They weren’t on the clock at the time, but the vehicle was owned by his company.

  • Is Security Camera Footage Important if You Fall in a Store?

    Now, we’ve all heard the old phrase, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” but I’m here to tell you, a video can be worth a thousand pictures.

  • Should You Get Employee Contact Information if You Fall at a Store?

    One of the things that you can do, after you make sure your immediate medical needs are taken care of, is to see what store employees are around, or maybe, ideally, the ones who were there when the incident happened. And you can just briefly ask them, and always be as polite as you can, “Hey, could I get your contact information?”

  • If a Person Hits Me With Their Car and They Are on the Clock, Is Their Company Liable Too?

    Now in the past, I’ve had a person who was on their way to work and another person who is making a delivery for their employer struck our client and the other person was on the clock at the time. They were within the scope of their employment. This fell under what’s called respondeat superior, meaning their employer was partially responsible because the person was acting in the line of duty for their employer. As such, the employer was also a responsible entity in our client’s claim.

  • Attacked by a Drunk Person? Is the Place That Gave Them Alcohol Liable?

    If there is an individual who is noticeably intoxicated yet they still provide them alcohol they could potentially be held liable for what that individual does.

  • Hit by a Drunk Driver? Is the Place That Provided Them Alcohol to Blame?

    In Oklahoma, we have a series of laws called DRAM shop laws that relate specifically to this issue. Now, historically, a DRAM shop is anywhere that provides alcohol to an individual, be that a convenience store, a liquor store, restaurant, anything like that. And if those establishments provide alcohol to a noticeably intoxicated person, there’s a chance that they might be liable for what that person does.

  • What is UM/UIM Coverage?

    UM and UIM help bridge the gap between the person’s ability to pay for the damages they caused, and what your actual damages are.

  • Does My Medicare Status Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

    Medicare has what’s called a right to subrogation, meaning if they end up paying on your medical bills that are the result of the negligence of another person, then they can get compensated for it.

  • Should You Take Pictures After a Premises Liability Incident?

    In the past, I’ve had clients build their case as simple as taking pictures of the scene after the accident occurred.