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  • Is It Possible to Get Video of Your Car Wreck?

    Now I will say in most cases, you’re just kind of out of luck. But I have found a few instances in which clients were able to obtain video of the car wreck that was really able to help out their case. And one of the primary ways that I’ve had clients do this is after the wreck, they kind of looked around the scene to see if any businesses in the area may have had security cameras.

  • How Do You Increase the Value of Your Property Damage After a Car Wreck?

    After your car wreck, likely the insurance company will give you an offer on your property damage, now whether that’s totaled out, or whether that’s damage to your vehicle.

  • What Should You Do With Your Paperwork After a Car Wreck?

    After a car wreck, there is an absolute mountain of paperwork that you could be receiving ranging from insurance companies, medical providers.

  • Should You Take Pictures of Your Wounds After a Car Wreck?

    After the car wreck, the first thing you’re going to be more concerned with is definitely treating some of those wounds.

  • Do You Really Have Full Coverage Insurance?

    Delve into it a bit more to see what type of coverage you’re actually getting, and while you’re at it, you might ask them how much would it be to add under-insured motorist coverage or med pay coverage to your policy.

  • What Does It Mean if You Have a Medical Lien Filed After a Car Wreck?

    A medical lien is similar to a mechanics lien. A medical lien is attached to your insurance claim, following a motor vehicle collision.

  • When Should You Write Down What Happened After a Car Wreck?

    We’ve had the most success with clients who were able to write down everything that they remember about the car wreck as soon as they could after it happened.

  • Are Dog Bites Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance or Renter’s Insurance?

    A lot of policies allow you to add additional coverage for pets that you keep in your home, just in case they end up hurting someone else.

  • Do You Need to Tell Your Doctors About Your Injuries After a Car Wreck?

    A lot of the time people don’t want to come across as whiners. They don’t want to be seen as complaining about every little thing that’s going on, but in the case of a motor vehicle collision, it could be very beneficial to fully express to your doctors everything that’s going on with you.

  • What Is MedPay Coverage?

    MedPay coverage is medical payments coverage. It’s an additional type of insurance that you can get added to your policy that will help cover your medical bills in the incident of a car wreck.