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  • Do I Qualify for a Chapter 7 in Oklahoma?

    Do I qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in state of Oklahoma? I’m Edward Kelley, bankruptcy attorney at Wirth Law where we make law easy, makelaweasy.com. And I’m going to answer that question, how you can tell if you qualify for a 7? There’s Two Main Factors, Your Income and Your Assets.

  • An Oklahoma Debtors Prison: Tulsa Jail Overcrowded by Indebted Inmates

    The Tulsa County jail is growing dangerously overcrowded. The facility has exceeded its official capacity for the past eight months. According to a report this month in the Tulsa World, the jail’s population could soon exceed official capacity by nearly 20 percent: 300 more than the 1,700 inmates the jail is designed to hold. What […]