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  • Gurneys, Straps and Needles: No Refusal DUI Tests Resemble Execution Procedure

    An Oklahoma Highway Patrol captain in command of troopers in seven south-central counties wants to expand the use of forced blood draws in DUI traffic stops. The initiative comes on the heals of an April U.S. Supreme Court decision that put a stop to most forced blood draws by police unless they first obtain a […]

  • Under Drugged Driving Law, Unintoxicated Drivers Could Face DUI Charges

    A new Oklahoma drugged-driving law set to take effect Oct. 1, 2013 may encourage prosecution of drivers who are not intoxicated. The new metabolite DUI law makes it a crime for a driver to operate a vehicle with any amount of certain drugs – or metabolites of those drugs – in the driver’s bodily fluids. […]