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  • What Constitutes Burglary in Tulsa?

    We think of burglary in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a crime always involving a man with a mask and a set of picklocks engaged in stealing the family jewels at night. And burglary in Oklahoma can involve that stereotypical image. However, the reality is that burglary is a broader crime. It can also involve more than […]

  • How Does Oklahoma Law Define Embezzlement?

    Embezzlement is theft. It usually occurs when a person who has been entrusted with money or other property steals that property or money for their own gain. Embezzlement Defined Oklahoma law defines embezzlement as the fraudulent appropriation of the property of another, which has been obtained legally, for an unintended use, or the hiding of […]

  • Defining Bribery in Tulsa

    Bribery: A More Serious Crime Than You Think in Oklahoma Influence. We feel its impact every day. A celebrity appears in the latest gear and we all want the same. A person we admire may have influence over how we dress, the makeup we wear, the books we read. But there is a world of […]

  • Marrying More Than One Person is Bigamy in Oklahoma

    All jurisdictions have laws prohibiting bigamy in Oklahoma. Oklahoma law defines bigamy as marrying a person while still married to another living person. (See Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 881.) This is not a common crime, but it does occur. Bigamy is a felony offense. Punishment for Bigamy in Oklahoma There are exceptions to the […]

  • Oklahoma’s Rape by Instrumentation Law Explained

    Tulsa, Oklahoma laws regarding rape, especially the rape by instrumentation law, have changed recently. Under these changed laws, rape by instrumentation is a serious crime in Oklahoma. Rape by instrumentation is a type of rape. In Oklahoma, rape is legally defined as an act of non-consensual sexual intercourse involving either vaginal or anal penetration of […]

  • An Overview of Oklahoma Pornography Laws

    Under Oklahoma law, child pornography is defined as any kind of visual depiction of a child under 18 years of age who is engaged in sex, sodomy, sadomasochism, and the like. Explicit pictures of the uncovered genitals, buttocks, or breasts of a minor as well as all depictions of a child for the purpose of […]

  • What is Blackmail in Oklahoma?

    Blackmail. It is a very real crime in Oklahoma. The old movies depicting someone threatening to expose another person’s secret unless the blackmailer’s demands are met are grounded in reality, at least to some extent. Here is what you need to know about the crime of blackmail in Oklahoma. Blackmail Defined In Oklahoma, blackmail is […]

  • An Overview of Oklahoma Murder Laws

    Not All Unlawful Killings are Murder Oklahoma classifies murder charges by degree, with only two classifications of the crime: first degree and second-degree murder. First-degree murder as the more serious of the two. Murder charges are among several legal remedies prosecutors may consider when a person dies at the hands of another in Oklahoma. Generally, […]

  • Oklahoma Manslaughter Laws Explained 

    Although both involve the killing of a person by another, manslaughter is a very different crime from murder.  We may hear the term, but not really understand the difference. But when you are involved in a homicide, those differences can mean a lot. The key difference between murder and manslaughter is intent. Murder is an […]

  • What is Extortion in Oklahoma? 

    Extortion is somewhat akin to robbery. Both involve the illegal taking of another’s property. But there are important differences. Here is what you need to know about the crime of extortion in Oklahoma. Extortion Defined In Oklahoma, extortion is defined as obtaining property from another with consent, but that consent is induced by the wrongful […]