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  • Oklahoma Cop’s DNA Transfer Defense Exposes Flaws in Touch DNA Evidence

    Shreds of Evidence Are Not Always Reliable A defense attorney representing an Oklahoma City police officer facing six counts of first-degree rape told jurors a woman’s DNA found inside the officer’s pants is not evidence that he raped her. “It’s transfer DNA,” the attorney argued in the November, 2015 trial of Daniel Holtzclaw. Whether the […]

  • Oklahoma Criminal Law: Evidence Stacks Up Against Forensic Evidence

    Forensic experts at a Texas crime lab are walking back claims that DNA evidence singled out defendants with 1-in-a-million certainty. It is part of a pattern of errors, lies, neglect, conflicts of interest and exaggeration among forensic labs nationwide. Criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma must challenge misplaced trust in forensic evidence.

  • Incentives Taint Crime Labs’ Forensic Science, Oklahoma Ranks Among Worst

    Criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma are prohibited by rules of professional ethics from charging fees based on results. The same rules don’t apply to the state’s crime labs where employees provide forensic science expertise for the prosecution. Oklahoma is among several states where forensic science is funded by fees levied against defendants upon conviction. Does […]