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  • Rogers County Commissioners Fire District Attorney

    Janice Steidley may continue to represent Oklahoma in criminal matters but her office can no longer act as legal counsel for Rogers County. Why?

  • A Dirty Oklahoma Home Might Not Indicate Child Neglect

    Parents’ housekeeping skills often become the subject of debate in child custody cases. An Oklahoma Child Protective Services employee or an embattled spouse might argue that pet hair from household pets, the smell of farm animals, dusty surfaces and – especially – mice or bugs are evidence of child neglect. A new study by Johns […]

  • How to Voluntarily Transfer Child Custody in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Child Custody Can Now Be Delegated Without a Court Order A new Oklahoma law adopted in 2014 now allows parents to sign voluntary agreements that transfer custody of a child to another person. The non-judicial delegation of parental custody by power of attorney can last as little as 24 hours or as long as […]