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  • Court Says DHS Overcharged Interest on Back Child Support in Oklahoma

    A court says Oklahoma DHS relied on the wrong law for nearly 20 years when it assessed parents 10 percent interest on certain child support accruals. In a published 1993 case, the state appeals court had determined that, when back child support in Oklahoma is accrued before a child support judgment is in place, interest is set according to the state’s Civil Procedure, which results in a significantly lower rate than the 10 percent assessed by law on delinquent child support.

  • Oklahoma Parenting Penalty Hurts Families, Erodes Trust in Law

    It has been five years since the Oklahoma DHS concluded the legislature accidentally passed a law that penalizes parents for parenting. DHS’ illogical interpretation of parenting time adjustments does not encourage troubled parents to work out reasonable solutions. If DHS refuses to read the law as intended, lawmakers need to clarify their intent.

  • Oklahoma DHS Child Support Computations Defy Common Sense

    Part 2: An Exercise in Bureaucratic Nonsense UPDATE: In April 2015, an Oklahoma judge found that DHS had overstated interest on back child support obligations of some non-custodial parents. Learn how DHS calculated interest why some parents could get refunds for interest on back child support here. UPDATE: In May, 2015, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin […]

  • Oklahoma DHS Child Support Form Penalizes Shared Parenting

    An Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services child support form penalizes certain parents for parenting by applying an increase when no adjustment is indicated. A Tulsa child support lawyer says the practice is illogical and legislators should step in if the DHS refuses to interpreted the law as they intended it to be read.