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  • Sexual Communication with a Minor Can Be a Felony in Oklahoma

    What is Sexual Communication with a Minor? Sexual communication with a minor — even about lawful sexual conduct involving a teenage minor — is a felony in Oklahoma. Illegal sexual communication with a minor can take place in a number of ways, all involving communications technology. Unlawful sexual communication can occur online, by phone using […]

  • Criminal Court Sides With Civil Court on Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration – Sort Of

    In State v. Hurt, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed a Tulsa District Court ruling that Oklahoma Sex Offenders Registration Act from 2004 and 2007 could not be enforced retroactively. The court said the legislature did not intend the amendments to apply retroactively.

  • Do Parts of the Oklahoma Violent Offender Registry Law Deny Equal Protection?

    The reasoning behind a September 2013 Oklahoma Supreme Court decision striking down a portion of the Oklahoma sex offender registry law appears to call into question portions of the Oklahoma violent offender registry law. In Hendricks v Jones, 2013 OK 71 the court stated: “We hold applying SORA’s requirements to sex offenders now residing in […]

  • Court Blocks Retroactive Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry Rule

    With an eye toward removing potentially hundreds of names from the Oklahoma sex offender registry, the state Dept. of Corrections is reviewing details of more than 7,700 listed sex offenders. The review follows a June 25 state Supreme Court decision that found retroactive application of revised sex-offender registration rules violated a state constitutional provision against […]