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  • Can I Fight a Tulsa Oklahoma Texting and Driving Ticket?

    Oklahoma’s texting and driving law includes ambiguities similar to those in an Indiana law a federal court called “largely inefficacious” and “probably wrong. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals said a police officer who sees a driver holding a cell phone has no reasonable basis to suspect the driver is illegally texting and driving.

  • Oklahoma Town Dismisses Dozens of Distracted Driving Traffic Tickets

    Oklahoma law allows police to write a full time and attention to driving traffic ticket only when a distracted driver poses a specific danger or is involved in an accident. Police in Durant had cited drivers for such dubious distractions as eating a hamburger while driving and for having a dog in the front seat.

  • In New Jersey, You Don’t Have to Be a Driver to be Liable in a Texting and Driving Car Accident

    Texting and driving is now widely recognized as a potentially dangerous distraction for drivers. In New Jersey, it is no longer just the distracted driver using a cell phone who can get into legal trouble for a car crash; the person on other end of the phone sending text messages to the driver can also […]