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  • Mannford Couple Allege Malicious Prosecution in Botched Drug Raid

    A Wirth Law Office client has filed a federal civil rights suit alleging malicious prosecution when police raided her home based on a search warrant that targeted a nearby residence. The woman and her husband filed the federal case against Creek County after a court dismissed bogus charges stemming from the raid. Wirth Law Office […]

  • Synthetic Marijuana Case Dismissed

    A judge this week dismissed charges against an Okmulgee County retailer accused of selling synthetic marijuana after an attorney for Wirth Law Office pointed out that particular substances sold as potpourri or incense were not illegal at the time police raided the retail location. Legislators had earmarked a chemical in the blend to be added […]

  • Drivers License Restored in Oklahoma Reckless Driving Case

    A man who paid a reckless driving ticket didn’t know the routine handling of a traffic citation could cost him his license. Fortunately for him, he had a right to know. A law that was in place for just one year increased the number of points assessed against a drivers license for reckless driving from […]