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  • Constitutional Questions Swirl Around Metabolite DUI Laws

    While many states’ criminal codes treat marijuana as an increasingly trivial concern, legislators in some states have been piling on drugged driving laws that target marijuana users long after any intoxicating effect has subsided. Oklahoma is the latest state to adopt a law that allows prosecution of unimpaired drivers on DUI charges when drug tests […]

  • With Metabolite DUI, You Still Have the Right To Remain Silent

    A new law set to take effect Oct. 1 will make Oklahoma one of the most restrictive states in the nation with regard to drivers who have traces of marijuana in their system. Under the new metabolite DUI law, any driver found with any amount of marijuana – or inactive metabolites of marijuana – in […]

  • Under Drugged Driving Law, Unintoxicated Drivers Could Face DUI Charges

    A new Oklahoma drugged-driving law set to take effect Oct. 1, 2013 may encourage prosecution of drivers who are not intoxicated. The new metabolite DUI law makes it a crime for a driver to operate a vehicle with any amount of certain drugs – or metabolites of those drugs – in the driver’s bodily fluids. […]

  • Would NTSB’s Lower DUI Blood Alcohol Limits Save Lives?

    The National Transportation Safety Board today released a report calling for reduction of maximum blood alcohol limits for drivers from .08 to .05. The NTSB’s recommendations may find purchase among legislators looking to get tough on drunk driving. As a Tulsa personal injury attorney who represents clients seeking to recover damages in accidents caused by […]