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  • Statute of Limitations in Oklahoma Child Support Collections

    Child Support in Oklahoma Everyone has a moral, ethical and legal obligation to support their children. And in Oklahoma, that obligation is taken seriously. This includes child support for the children of a divorced couple. Past due child support must be paid. In Oklahoma, there is no statute of limitations for past due child support […]

  • Can I Get a Child Support Modification in Oklahoma for an Out of State Divorce?

    People seek to modify child support obligations for varying reasons: a change in income, the loss of a job, or other substantial changes to a parent’s financial situation. When you divorce in another state and move to Oklahoma, how do you handle the need to get a child support modification?  The answer lies in the […]

  • What is the Age of Majority in Oklahoma Child Support Law

    Age of Majority: The End of Childhood Supporting our children is our moral and legal duty. However, the law only requires us to support our children monetarily until they reach the age of majority. Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 112. After that, a child is legally considered to be an adult, and support payments may […]

  • When Can I File a Child Support Modification in Oklahoma?

    Child Support Modification: A Matter of Need The hastily-drafted child support order filed when your divorce became final may not fit your circumstances a few years down the line. Things change. That streak of good income can dry up. Maybe you agreed to change custody arrangements so now you have more overnights. These things can […]

  • How Does Oklahoma Calculate Child Support Payments

    It is the law. If you have children in Oklahoma you are legally required to financially support them whether you are married or divorced. When a couple decides to divorce, issues of custody and child support must be decided by the parties and approved by the court. Oklahoma child support payments are calculated based on […]

  • Refusal of Visitation Due to Abuse and Neglect in Oklahoma

    All good parents want to protect their children. Often, the period leading to a divorce and after is fraught with high emotions. The concerns that we have regarding the health and safety of our children become heightened. And while this can be an emotional time for all concerned, when a parent becomes concerned that their […]

  • How Oklahoma Custody Laws Define Best Interests of the Child

    Best Interest of the Child Explained Oklahoma courts look at the best interests of the child for guidance in decisions regarding custody and visitation. Because this standard can affect overall direction and particular details of child custody and support, it is important for a divorcing parent to understand what the standard means. In weighing the […]

  • Oklahoma Child Custody Law

    When you are going through a divorce in Oklahoma and have children, it is important to understand Oklahoma child custody laws, visitation and support.  All too often, parents become involved in the divorce process without fully understanding their duties and rights under the law regarding their children. If childhood is a fleeting moment in a […]

  • Client Review: Tulsa Child Custody Lawyer

    A father explains how he personally benefited from the help of a Wirth Law Office Tulsa child custody lawyer in his family law case.

  • New Oklahoma No-Fault Divorce Law Mandates Parenting Classes

    A new Oklahoma divorce law requires some divorcing parents of minor children to take a new class about the impact of divorce on children.