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  • Workers Compensation Deadline: Jan 31, 2014

    Workers injured on the job in Oklahoma have two more days to file claims under the current workers compensation system. A legislative initiative dismantled the current Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court system, to be replaced Feb. 1 by an administrative system overseen by a newly created Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission. While injured workers have limited rights […]

  • Dissenting Justices See Flaws in New Oklahoma Workers Compensation Law

    When the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Dec. 16, 2014, upheld a bill that on Feb. 1, 2014, will replace the state’s 35-year-old Workers Compensation Court with a new administrative workers compensation system , three justices expressed some reservations. The justices’ dissent foreshadows challenges that could be leveled against the new workers compensation system. In upholding the new […]

  • Workers Comp Drug Test Mandate Fails Appellate Review

    You were hurt on the job by no fault of your own. The employer’s workers compensation company demands that you take a drug test. It comes up positive for marijuana. Citing a 2011 Oklahoma law, the employer refused to pay medical costs. The 2011 law appeared to create a “zero tolerance” policy for injured Oklahoma […]

  • Workers Compensation Insurance, Personal Injury Claims Compared

    When you’re injured on the job, an employer is usually required to provide compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other costs associated with the injury. The same thing applies to work-related illnesses. In most cases, employers carry workers compensation insurance to underwrite their liability for injuries or illnesses workers incur on the job. Those […]