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  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Relies on Shaky Science

    Recent research that reviewed thousands of child abuse cases where shaken baby syndrome was alleged revealed there is virtually no reason to presume abusive head trauma was to blame when no evidence beyond an infant’s symptoms or brain injuries were present.

  • Avoiding Wrongful Convictions in Oklahoma: Stopping False Confessions

    The Problem With False Confessions If the police suspect you of a crime, don’t expect them to help you. The police are in the business of putting the bad guys in jail. But, what happens when an innocent person has been marked as “the bad guy?” It is here where knowing your rights and knowing […]

  • Avoiding Wrongful Convictions in Oklahoma: Eyewitness Identification

    After studying the currently known list of wrongful convictions in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Justice Commission has made recommendations to help prevent further wrongful convictions. One of these areas of view, and the topic for today, is Eyewitness Identification. What’s in a Lineup? Before we can begin to discuss the recommendations of the Commission, first, we […]