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  • Grand Jury Calls for Standardized Oklahoma Giglio Policies

    No Rogers County Officials Indicted An Oklahoma grand jury has recommended that the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office draft model policies to guide prosecutors’ handling of information that could assist criminal defendants. The recommendation was the most substantive result of a grand-jury investigation into alleged wrongdoing among Rogers County prosecutors and police. The clock ran out […]

  • Police Misconduct in Oklahoma: Tulsa Officer Charged with Murder

    Misconduct Makes Cop’s Testimony Unreliable When police officers step on the wrong side of the law, the personal tragedy in some ways resembles that of any other person in trouble with the law. Regardless of an urge to gloat among those – including criminal defense attorneys – who often engage cops in legal battles, it […]

  • Does Oklahoma Attorney-Client Privilege Protect Jailhouse Phone Calls?

    The New York Times recently reported that prosecutors in a federal extortion case had claimed a right to use as evidence jailhouse e-mails a defendant sent to his attorney. The federal Bureau of Prisons routinely monitors inmates’ e-mails delivered via a prison e-mail system. Among pre-trial discovery materials prosecutors provided, defense attorneys found e-mails a […]

  • Cell Phone Searches Require Warrants, U.S. Supreme Court Rules

    Landmark Decision Advances Digital Privacy In a decision that could effect countless ongoing cases, the United States Supreme Court has determined that police cannot search an arrested suspect’s cell phone without a warrant. The unanimous June 25, 2014 decision was immediately hailed as a landmark contribution to digital era privacy rights. The court heard arguments […]

  • Rogers County Sheriff’s Spy Cam Highlights Open Fields Doctrine in Oklahoma

    A sheriff sneaks into your farm field in the early hours of the morning to plant a camera. Is it legal or not? The question came up in Rogers County when the office of Sheriff Scott Walton apparently placed a camera somewhere on 400 acres of farmland owned by county commissioner Kirt Thaker. Walton said […]

  • Even the Condemned Have Access to Oklahoma Courts

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court eventually upheld the execution secrecy law. In the process, the court established that a person condemned to die still has a right to approach Oklahoma courts.

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Averts Constitutional Crisis

    In an expedited ruling that averted a looming constitutional crisis, the Oklahoma Supreme Court on April 23, 2014, reversed a district court decision related to secrecy surrounding execution procedures. The decision means Oklahoma may execute two convicted killers without triggering a constitutional showdown. A looming constitutional crisis emerged when attorneys asked a district court to […]

  • Oklahoma Constitutional Crisis Imminent!

    Constitutional Showdown Looms Over Oklahoma Death Penalty Secrecy In the virtual shadows of modern-day gallows, Oklahoma’s two highest courts in April, 2014 became embroiled in a historic constitutional showdown. The top civil court stayed two pending executions after the top criminal court twice refused to order the executions stayed. Then, within hours of a scheduled […]

  • Oklahoma Immigration: ICE Hold Ends After 48-Hours

    Immigration laws have changed repeatedly during nearly 500 years since the Spanish explorer Coronado became the first person on record to use Choctaw words to reference the land of red – humma – people – okla. In recent years, America’s 46th state has gained a reputation as being among the toughest states with regard to […]

  • Oklahoma Lawmakers Take Aim at Privateers; Tennessee Targets ‘Voluntary’ Roadside Stops

    Americans’ Fourth Amendment right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures” ranks among the most zealously protected freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Yet an ever-growing list of exceptions appears to erode those fundamental freedoms. Lawmakers in both Oklahoma and Tennessee recently voted to stop some […]