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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Attorney

medical marijuana attorney oklahomaThe medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma is growing fast and the legal issues arising for related businesses are brand new in the state since passage of SQ 788. Medical marijuana industry businesses need an Oklahoma medical marijuana attorney who focuses on their unique issues to help them navigate the legal uncertainties and carefully avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences for mistakes.

Despite Oklahoma’s OMMA law, medical marijuana remains prohibited under federal law as cannabis is classified as a schedule I drug — drugs for which there are “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” Oklahoma is not the first state to legalize medical marijuana at the state level and more and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical and even recreational use.

Medical Marijuana Law in Oklahoma

Nonetheless, the federal prohibition creates special risks to Oklahoma businesses involved with medical marijuana. It also creates unusual barriers to business, for example, prohibitions on engaging in ordinary banking activities.

Our medical marijuana lawyer aims to help you solve legal problems and find legal solutions long before they impact your operations.

All Medical Marijuana Lawyer Matters

Medical marijuana businesses in Oklahoma can’t afford to “go it alone” when figuring out how to comply with all the laws and regulations that impact their business in areas such as product liability, intellectual property, commercial agreements, employment law, and criminal defense. Wirth Law Office in Tulsa medical marijuana lawyers can help you with these areas of law and more, including:

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Attorney for Business

Mistakes by business owners in the medical marijuana industry can cost far more than financial losses.

Individuals directing the activities of medical cannabis businesses — for example, a medical marijuana dispensary — may find themselves facing criminal charges simply by making a mistake with regard to matters that in other industries would only be regarded as a civil matter or non-criminal regulatory infraction.

If there is a mistake with regard to the placement of a medical marijuana dispensary or the scope of an OMMA grower’s license, for example, the result will not be merely a civil fine, but rather the business owners themselves may be regarded as having violated not only federal felony drug laws but felony drug laws of the state of Oklahoma in a criminal conspiracy. There is no room for error.

For these reasons and more medical marijuana businesses should seek a competent, experienced Oklahoma medical marijuana attorney in Tulsa who is up-to-date on the cutting edge of the state of the law in the medical marijuana industry.

Oklahoma medical marijuana attorneys from Wirth Law Group in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma can help you manage the legal issues facing your medical marijuana dispensary or other business in the medical cannabis industry across the spectrum of matters you face.

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