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Tulsa felony defense attorneyWhen the Stakes Are High, Your Lawyer Matters

An Oklahoma felony charge can have a devastating impact on your quality of life. If you are facing a felony charge, an experienced Tulsa felony defense attorney can defend your legal rights at every stage of the proceeding.

A pending felony charge can leave you or a loved one incarcerated while you wait to clear your name or theirs. If the charges lead to a felony conviction, you could face severe fines, restrictive probation, long-term imprisonment, and worse.

You need an experienced Tulsa felony defense lawyer on your side when you’re facing felony criminal charges. With a proven criminal defense track record, the Tulsa, Okla. felony defense lawyers at Wirth Law Office are here to stand up for you.

Felony Defense Representation

A qualified felony defense attorney looks at all aspects of a felony case to defend your rights. Defendants are sometimes charged based on illegal searches, coerced confessions, and spurious evidence provided by dubious witnesses.

A misdemeanor offense may have wrongly been charged as a felony. Prosecutors may charge a felony in an attempt to get a defendant to plead to a misdemeanor.

Prosecutors might pile on additional charges, seek excessive bonds to keep a defendant in custody, and try to separate a defendant from family. A subtle difference in blood alcohol readings can lead to felony charges after a DUI arrest.

You don’t have to back down. With experienced Tulsa felony defense representation, you can hold your own in unfamiliar territory.

Representation: It’s Your Right

When a police officer tells a felony suspect about the fundamental right to remain silent, it’s not something police dreamed up for their convenience. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1963 that police must advise you of your basic rights if you are arrested.

When you elect to remain silent all questioning must stop, then and there, until your defense lawyer is present. Fear, frustration, or the desire to clear your name can contribute to an urge to keep talking. A person wrongly accused often feels angry; and, as we all know, anger can cloud our judgment.

In most cases, if you are a primary suspect or you’ve been charged, the best choice is to remain silent until an Oklahoma felony defense attorney advises you what you can say without giving the other side something they can use against you.

To assert your right to representation, you need to tell investigators specifically that you want to talk with a lawyer. If you continue to talk, even if your attorney is on the way, what you say may be used against you. Police can and do mislead suspects in an attempt to get a confession. Interrogation techniques can imply the police are on your side.

If you’re facing felony charges in Tulsa, Ok., get an experienced Tulsa felony defense lawyer on your side before you talk with police and before you go to court.

Before Trial

Our Constitution assures all citizens a right to due process when their life, liberty, or property is at stake. Bail bonds are one way the legal system assures that people’s rights are protected. We can’t arbitrarily be denied bail or be held in custody in lieu of unreasonable bail.

A Tulsa criminal defense attorney familiar with felony procedures can represent your interests in bail hearings. With your freedom restored, you can usually continue to work, provide for your family, enjoy the security of your home, and assist in your defense while a Tulsa felony defense attorney works to clear your name.

You also have a right to a speedy trial. If you need more time to prepare, delays can work in your favor. In other cases, delays may result while prosecutors seek to strengthen a case against you. A felony defense lawyer knows when to cry foul, and can sometimes get a case tossed simply because prosecutors fail to act.

Within reasonable bounds, you have a right to confront your accusers in court. In some cases, witnesses fail to appear for pre-trial hearings. Your Tulsa felony defense attorney knows when that fundamental right has been violated and can ask the court to throw out charges if witnesses don’t appear.

Right to a Fair Trial

Another fundamental freedom we enjoy as Americans is the right to a fair trial. The legal system must presume your innocence while prosecutors try to prove otherwise. A judge must not hold malice toward defendants nor have conflicts of interest.

You have a right to be tried in public where other citizens can witness the way our government prosecutes criminal charges. Statements made between court officers behind closed doors can violate your right to a public trial. Felony defense lawyers sometimes ask that a trial be moved to another location outside of Tulsa to assure a defendant isn’t tried by jurors who have already made up their minds based on gossip or local media coverage.

In other cases, matters presented during criminal proceedings can impair your interests. A felony defense lawyer can sometimes request closed hearings to protect you, your family, or your business from unwarranted damage to your privacy or your reputation resulting from Oklahoma felony charges.

Evidence presented at trial must comply with court rules. You usually can’t be convicted based on hearsay, conjecture, or unqualified opinions by witnesses who lack expertise. Felony defense attorneys are trained to notice nuances in witnesses’ testimony. Objections — even when the court overrules them — can become the basis of an appeal should a felony case go beyond the trial phase.

A person charged with a felony has a right to present evidence in their own defense. A prosecutor’s failure to comply with discovery rules can impair that right, leaving a felony defendant unable to show a court why they are not guilty. Likewise, evidence against you may be excluded because the other side failed to provide that evidence to felony defense lawyers before a trial. With experienced felony defense representation, you can assure that your right to a fair trail is protected.

Successful Felony Defense Attorneys

The experienced Tulsa felony defense lawyers at Wirth Law Office step into the ring with a solid track record of winning cases, decisions and appeals in clients’ favor. The Firm News, and Criminal Defense pages highlight some of the wide-ranging decisions Wirth Law Office lawyers have won for clients in Oklahoma courts. Our skilled Oklahoma defense attorneys have experience fighting drug charges, assault and battery charges, sex crimes charges, and more.

When you step into the ring to face the deep prosecution resources available to the state, you need experience, skill, and tenacity on your side. A Tulsa felony defense attorney from Wirth Law Office knows how to deliver the relentless defense you need to come out on top when you face felony charges.

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