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  • Can You Sue a Celebrity for Posting a Photo You Took of the Celebrity?

    Bieber Sued for Posting Picture of Bieber Simply Being in a Picture Does Not Give You a Copyright It’s no surprise that someone would be sued for posting a photo of a celebrity on Instagram. What about when the person sued is the same person in the photo? Yes, you read that right. Justin Bieber […]

  • Should I Settle My Tulsa Personal Injury Claim or Go to Court?

    Many people ask us questions such as, “Should I settle my Tulsa personal injury claim or go to court?” We will attempt to answer this question here. However, keep in mind there is no simple solution. Each case is different, and details matter. Whether you decide to settle your Tulsa personal injury claim or go […]

  • Slip and Fall in Oklahoma: Who is at Fault?

    Slip and fall accidents in Tulsa, Oklahoma can get complicated. The property owner may be at fault, the plaintiff may be at fault, or both the plaintiff and the property owner could share responsibility for the injury arising from a slip and fall. If you or a loved were injured in a slip and fall […]

  • Tulsa Auto Accident Lawyer: What is Pain and Suffering?

    Putting a dollar amount to pain and suffering in Tulsa, Oklahoma can get complicated. It is usually a jury that determines the merits of a pain and suffering claim in court. In Oklahoma, if you have an accident and suffer disfigurement or dismemberment, you can claim for pain and suffering. Any injury that causes you […]

  • What is the Time Limit for Filing a Personal Injury Case in Oklahoma?

    In typical cases, a personal injury claim in Oklahoma must be filed within two years of the injury. Exceptions include intentional torts, which must be filed within one year. Injuries not discovered until later may qualify for more time.

  • Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney: How Long Will an Oklahoma Injury Claim Take?

    While an Oklahoma injury case is pending, it can seem as if time has frozen in its tracks. Weeks, even months can pass with no significant progress in the case. Many plaintiffs eager to get a personal injury settlement begin to wonder, how long will this take? The answer is seldom straightforward. It could take […]

  • What is Negligence in Oklahoma Personal Injury Law?

    Unreasonably careless behavior can be negligence in Oklahoma personal injury law. When injury attorneys can prove someone’s negligence caused another person’s injury, the injured party may be awarded compensation.

  • Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer: How to Prove Fault in an Auto Accident?

    When an auto accident has happened, proving that the other driver was at fault is crucial in your compensation case. To determine the other driver’s fault, you should provide evidence that shows that he or she acted in a manner that was careless and not prudent. If you can prove the other driver acted negligently, […]

  • Ask the Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer: Is the Rear Driver Always At Fault?

    No. In most cases, it is the rear driver who is thought to be at fault for a car crash. But the back end collision landscape has also been invaded by ‘cash for crash’ scams. Some insurance fraudsters use two vehicles to break suddenly in front of a car and force a collision.  If you […]

  • Tulsa Auto Accident Attorney: What to Do After an Auto Accident

    A Tulsa auto accident attorney explains steps to take after a car wreck to protect your safety and prepare for an Oklahoma personal injury claim.