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  • If I Take a Plea Deal on Domestic Violence Will I Automatically Be Considered an Unfit Parent in OK?

    You are required to refuse visitation if there’s evidence to substantiate suspected or confirmed child abuse.

  • Must I Allow Visitation If I Suspect Child Abuse or Neglect?

    Failing to protect your child can get you in trouble with DPS, have your kids taken away by the state, perhaps by CPS in a deprived child action, or could actually get you criminal felony charges of permitting child abuse.

  • Paying Child Support BUT Not Allowed to See Your Kids? Here is What to Do.

    So if you have a court order for visitation and it’s being denied, irrespective of whether you’re paying child support or not because those are independent obligations, so whether you’re paying child support or not, that is contempt of court and you can file a contempt of court action with the court. Set it for an arraignment, if the party is found guilty they can actually be thrown in jail for up to six months for violation of a court order.

  • Do Women Have To Pay Child Support in Oklahoma?

    Under Oklahoma law, it’s completely gender-neutral. What matters who is the custodian, who’s the non-custodian.

  • Can Men Receive Spousal Support (Alimony) in Oklahoma?

    Can they receive alimony in Oklahoma? And similar to child support, the rules that are in place are gender-neutral. It doesn’t matter if you are the man or the woman, the husband or the wife. It has to do with the financial circumstances and what’s happened in the marriage. So yes, under Oklahoma law, men can receive spousal support and alimony. Women can be ordered to pay spousal support and alimony. So that’s what the law says.

  • How Does One Win Back Custody in Oklahoma?

    Tulsa Child Custody Attorney James Wirth answers, How does one win back custody of a child in Oklahoma?

  • How Do You Prepare for a Child Custody Mediation in Oklahoma?

    The first thing is when you’re going to mediation, if you want it to be successful, you’ve got to be prepared in that you know all of the relevant facts and circumstances. You have your case prepared and presented, you’ve done a discovery. So what that means is, is that if you’re talking about child custody, all the factors that go into that in your best interest, you’ve got all of your evidence together. Any concerns you have about the other parent, you’ve got all the evidence that you present to the judge ready to go.

  • Tulsa Attorney Explains How Child Support Works in Oklahoma

    Any party can file for child support. It could be the mom that’s got the kids. It could be the dad that’s got the kids. You can do it as part of a divorce.

  • Can You Pay Child Support in Advance in Oklahoma?

    In practice, if you did pay extra and you were very careful to document on the check and elsewhere that it’s for this specific child support in the future, you might get credit for that, but it’s not worth the trouble, because you may have to fight to get future credit for it, because the system is going to want to assume that it is a gift.

  • Why is Child Support Not Capped in Oklahoma?

    If the party has an income that goes up to a certain level, the child support gets up to a certain level, that should be enough.