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  • Visitation Rights of a Non-Custodial Parent in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma, like all states, has laws regarding the custody and visitation of children when parents divorce. Sometimes, both parents to share custody of the children in what is known as joint custody. In other cases, one parent maintains child custody, while the other parent has visitation rights. During the divorce proceeding, the court will issue orders regarding […]

  • What is Third-Party Interference with Child Custody?

    Often, a person means well and wants to help a child or parent involved in a custody dispute in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But when that help turns into third-party interference with child custody, then that person has broken the law. Third-Party Interference with Child Custody Defined Oklahoma law states that any person who is not a party […]

  • How to Enforce Visitation Rights in Oklahoma

    A custodial parent has a duty to facilitate visitation rights according to the schedule ordered by the court. All custody orders in Oklahoma contain language to that effect. Parents are usually eager for their children to have a close bond with the non-custodial parent, but not always. Sometimes, a parent will try to hamper that visitation. Enforcing […]

  • Does a Paternity Order Establish Child Support in Oklahoma?

    A paternity order is one of the most important elements in establishing a legal duty to support a child in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If the child is yours, you are legally bound to support the child. If the child is not yours, you have no legal obligation to support the child absent other circumstances. However, paternity, custody, and […]

  • Filing for Divorce in Tulsa

    Filing for divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma begins with preparing and filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The petition is filed in the county in which you and your spouse live. Along with the petition, a summons must be served upon the responding spouse. Among other things, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage must include the […]

  • How to Serve Divorce Papers in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma law requires that a spouse seeking to end his or her marriage serve divorce papers on the other spouse. This includes a copy of the petition, the notice of hearing, and in some cases, a copy of a blank form answer. Getting a Process Server to Serve Divorce Papers Most of the time, it […]

  • Marrying More Than One Person is Bigamy in Oklahoma

    All jurisdictions have laws prohibiting bigamy in Oklahoma. Oklahoma law defines bigamy as marrying a person while still married to another living person. Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 881 This is not a common crime, but it does occur. Bigamy is a felony offense. Punishment for Bigamy in Oklahoma There are exceptions to the crime. […]

  • Oklahoma Child Custody Considerations 

    Tulsa, Oklahoma child custody considerations are uniformly determined according to what is in the best interests of the child. Sometimes, it is easy to determine what is in the best interests of the child. For example, a court will usually find that when one of the parents is involved in criminal activity or uses alcohol […]

  • Steps in an Oklahoma Divorce

    Early Steps in an Oklahoma Divorce One of the spouses must file a petition in an Oklahoma family court as one of the first steps in an Oklahoma divorce. A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is also known as a Petition for Divorce. The petition is filed in the county in which you and your […]

  • What Are Grounds for Divorce in Oklahoma?

    Fault vs. No-Fault Grounds For Divorce In order to obtain a divorce in Oklahoma, you must have a legal reason to do so. This reason is commonly known as “grounds” for divorce. Every divorce petition in Oklahoma must allege the grounds under which the party filing the petition is seeking to end the marriage. Okla. […]