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  • Tips for Utilizing a Parenting Coordinator in Oklahoma

    Statements made to a Parenting Coordinator are not confidential. This is not an attorney client relationship that you have. So anything you tell the Parenting Coordinator, you better expect that it could be made in a report that’s published in the court file which could be open to the general public. So that’s got to be known.

  • Where to Get an Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator Form for Oklahoma?

    Most people may not know that if they haven’t been in litigation, judges generally do not draft their own orders. Usually the parties are ordered to come up with the orders based on the judge’s decision. So where do you get an order appointing? For the most part, the court just doesn’t have standard forms ready to go. But in Tulsa County at the website for the Tulsa County District Court, there actually is a form available and I’ve got a copy of that. I’ll make a link to it in this article, and it is a pretty detailed order appointing a parenting coordinator. So if you want a parenting coordinator appointed, this is a good place to start and either use this form or use a lot of ideas from this form.

  • Examples of Issues to Bring to a Parenting Coordinator

    If you’ve got an order in place that says that the visitation exchange is supposed to occur at a particular location, but now it doesn’t make sense to do it there. And that could be either because that location is closed down and it’s no longer available for the public to use, or it could be because one of the parties has moved not far enough to be a relocation, but far enough to where the old spot is no longer a halfway point. So if you’re in that scenario, you want to talk to the other parent, see if an agreement can be reached on a new place.

  • How to Pick an Oklahoma Parenting Coordinator for Your Custody Case

    There are essentially two types of people that can be appointed as parenting coordinators, an attorney with experience in family law, and a mental health professional that either through education and mediation training, or through licensing, is eligible to be a parenting coordinator.

  • Who Can Be a Parenting Coordinator in Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma statutes, they define specifically, in Oklahoma Parenting Coordinator Act, who can be a Parenting Coordinator and they fall within essentially two categories, a licensed Oklahoma attorney with experience in Family Law could be a Parenting Coordinator and a professional in mental health can be a Parenting Coordinator.

  • What is a Parenting Coordinator in Oklahoma?

    If both parties are in agreement for the appointment, then the court can go along with that. However, if one party is in disagreement, there’s certain standards that have to be met. Either party can make the request for the court appointed parenting coordinator, or the judge can sua sponte. Meaning on the court’s own motion, make the request for a parenting coordinator.

  • The Most Underutilized Tool to Save Time & Money in Your Oklahoma Custody Case

    The Parenting Coordinator Act that allows the appointment of a parenting coordinator in certain custody and family law cases. It’s generally a good idea to get one appointed if you can, because what are the main complaints that people say about the family law courts in Oklahoma and elsewhere? Takes too long and it’s too expensive. Well, for many issues, having a parenting coordinator involved can help get around those issues because it can be a cheaper way to get resolution on small issues and it’s definitely a faster way to get resolution on small issues.

  • How to Enforce Child Support in Oklahoma through a Passport Hold

    If you’ve got a child support obligation that is owed to you and it is past due, there’s numerous different avenues to try to collect it. You could try to garnish wages, levy bank accounts. You can put a hold on state issued driver’s licenses. You can do a contempt citation. You can try to intercept taxes.

  • How to Get a Modification Through your Ex’s Tax Return and Paystubs Every Year

    If their income has gone up a lot, it may maybe worthwhile to do so. If your income has gone down, you’re going to know it, but you’re not going to know if theirs goes up unless you do this on a regular basis. So, if you need help doing that, or have a child support question, or want to file for a modification, talk to an attorney, you can talk to somebody at my office by going to makelaweasy.com.

  • One Thing to Check on Your Phone when Starting a Family Law Case

    First thing when you’re starting your family law case, pull up your phone, see what you have your ex in your phone as, and change that name to something appropriate and descriptive. And that way, when you’re printing off screenshots of all those text messages, it’s going to be something that I can present to a court and that I’m not going to be embarrassed to provide and not going to be something that undermines your case and makes you look petty.