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  • Does a Protective Order Take My Gun Rights Away In Oklahoma?

    Tulsa Attorney James Wirth explains how a protective order can take away your gun rights.

  • Reclassified Oklahoma Felonies Can Be Expunged Within 30 Days

    Starting Nov. 1, non-violent offenses previously classified as felonies can be expunged as misdemeanors, regardless prior convictions or other pending charges. The only statutory requirement for fast track expungements are full payment of restitution and completion of any court-ordered treatment programs. Convictions are eligible for expungement 30 days after completion of a sentence.

  • Oklahoma Justice Reforms Spell Reduced Sentences for Thousands

    Incarceration for Oklahoma probation violation on most felony drug possession or low-dollar property crimes are now limited to one year. Justice reforms approved in 2019 also mean inmates passed over in Oklahoma’s historic November mass commutation are likewise eligible for consideration in light of new laws under the state’s usual commutation process.

  • Examining Driving with a Suspended License in Tulsa

    Sometimes, it is easy to forget that a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. When a license is suspended or revoked, it is difficult to halt our daily driving habits—but if you continue driving with a suspended license, you could face trouble in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Reasons for a Suspended License Your driver’s license may […]

  • What is Child Sexual Abuse in Oklahoma?

    Child sexual abuse in Oklahoma. We hear about it in the papers and on the news. We know the victims. Maybe we have been a victim. All jurisdictions have laws prohibiting it, including Tulsa County. In fact, Oklahoma has several laws prohibiting child sexual abuse. There is some overlap among these laws, allowing prosecutors a […]

  • Child Abuse in Oklahoma is a Serious Crime

    Child abuse in Oklahoma comes in differing forms: physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. All of these forms of child abuse are against the law in Tulsa, and all have serious consequences. Child Abuse in Oklahoma Defined In Oklahoma, child abuse is defined as harming or threatening harm to a child’s health, safety, or […]

  • What is Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor in Oklahoma?

    Adults sometimes lead children toward a path involving criminal activity. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, depending on the circumstances, contributing to the delinquency of a minor can be a serious crime with serious consequences. You Can Go to Jail if Convicted The long and short of it is that if you could go to jail if convicted of contributing […]

  • Identity Theft and False Impersonation in Oklahoma

    Identity theft and false impersonation are closely related crimes in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Identity theft is under the umbrella of crimes surrounding false impersonation. False impersonation is a lie coupled with a situation in which the lie takes unfair advantage of another. Identity theft is fraudulently obtaining the identity of another person. It is most often used […]

  • Fighting a Tulsa Public Intoxication Charge

    Every jurisdiction has laws protecting the public order. One such law is that prohibiting public intoxication in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Public intoxication can be the result of alcohol or other drugs or the mixing of the two. Intoxication is often linked with vandalism, domestic abuse, assault and battery, and child abuse, making the crime a gateway […]

  • What is Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle in Oklahoma?

    It is a Saturday night, and you see a car with the keys in the ignition. You take the car without permission, maybe not intending to keep it, but certainly to take it out for a spin. Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle is a crime in Oklahoma. Here is what you might want to know […]