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  • Understanding Oklahoma Rape Law

    Rape is a usually a crime of violence. It can occur in a number of different ways, but it is usually a type of sexual assault upon a victim.  Oklahoma classifies many of its crimes by degree with first degree being a more serious crime than a second-degree crime. That is true with regard to rape […]

  • What Are the Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in Oklahoma?

    Credit Card Theft Can Be a Felony In Oklahoma, unauthorized use of a credit card or debit card is a type of fraud or theft. Simply using a card without permission can result in misdemeanor charges under Oklahoma credit card fraud law. If merchandise stolen by credit card fraud is worth more than a few […]

  • An Overview of Oklahoma Murder Laws

    Not All Unlawful Killings are Murder Oklahoma classifies murder charges by degree, with only two classifications of the crime: first degree and second-degree murder. First-degree murder as the more serious of the two. Murder charges are among several legal remedies prosecutors may consider when a person dies at the hands of another in Oklahoma. Generally, […]

  • Oklahoma Manslaughter Laws Explained 

    Although both involve the killing of a person by another, manslaughter is a very different crime from murder.  We may hear the term, but not really understand the difference. But when you are involved in a homicide, those differences can mean a lot. The key difference between murder and manslaughter is intent. Murder is an […]

  • What is Extortion in Oklahoma? 

    Extortion is somewhat akin to robbery. Both involve the illegal taking of another’s property. But there are important differences. Here is what you need to know about the crime of extortion in Oklahoma. Extortion Defined In Oklahoma, extortion is defined as obtaining property from another with consent, but that consent is induced by the wrongful […]

  • Uttering a Forged Instrument Means Forgery in Oklahoma

    Uttering a forged instrument occurs when a person knowingly publishes (utters) a forged or altered document, writing, or other financial instruments, thus placing it into general circulation. It is “uttered” with the intent to misrepresent it as true.   Think of the crime as a way of putting a forged document, financial instrument, or coin […]

  • What You Need to Know About the Oklahoma Revenge Porn Law

    Criminal Liability for Invasion of Privacy Smartphones may have changed our lives for the better in many ways, but these devices have created new problems as well. Today, most people have a combined camera and communications device with them in their bedrooms at all times. It has become quite popular for people to take intimate […]

  • Human Rights Report Denounces Oklahoma’s Mass Incarceration of Women

    Oklahoma’s decades old distinction as incarcerating more women per capita than any state in the US hurts families, a Human Rights Watch report says. Oklahoma criminal justice reforms are likely to stop an increase in Oklahoma prison population but might not roll back the results of decades of mass incarceration driven by severe sentencing, merciless prosecution and probation plans that keep defendants returning to jail.

  • Sexual Communication With a Minor Can Be a Felony in Oklahoma

    What is Sexual Communication With a Minor? Sexual communication with a minor — even about lawful sexual conduct involving a teenaged minor — is a felony in Oklahoma.  Illegal sexual communication with a minor can take place in a number of ways, all involving communications technology.  Unlawful sexual communication can occur online, by phone using […]

  • Oklahoma Sex Crimes Attorney

    You Have a Right to an Attorney — Use it! To be charged with a sex crime can trigger some of the most abject dispair any criminal defendant may face. Fear can cloud critical thinking at the very time crystal-clear reasoning is required to navigate a potentially life-changing situation. It is not a situation to […]