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Tulsa lawyer James M. WirthSuccessful Track Record

This page highlights a few of the successes of attorney, James M. Wirth, Esq. and Wirth Law Office’s lawyers. The list is far from complete.

These examples demonstrate the lawyer’s legal expertise, but can not guarantee results on any specific future case. Every case is different and must be approached according to the specific facts and circumstances of that case. Results in your case depend on the facts in your case and on your actions. Contact a Tulsa attorney now at 918-879-1681 for a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Case Results

Oklahoma lawyer, James M. Wirth, Esq., has successfully concluded criminal charges at all stages of prosecution:

  • Declined charges where the matter is closed prior to the initial arraignment;
  • Dismissal by the prosecution at preliminary hearing based on his negotiations;
  • Dismissal by the judge at a preliminary hearing, over the district attorney’s objection;
  • Dismissal on our motion at hearing, over the State’s objection; and
  • Acquittal (not guilty verdicts) at jury trial.

Mr. Wirth has had cases completely thrown out for speedy trial violations and Fourth Amendment violations. See the Firm News page for details on specific criminal defense victories.

Family Law Case Results

To name just a few family law successes:

Divorce Results

Client objectives in a divorce matter can vary greatly from one case to another. For clients wanting a quick divorce, Wirth Law Office lawyer, James M. Wirth, Esq., has obtained divorce decrees in as little as 11 days in agreed matters. For contested custody matters, James M. Wirth, Esq. has helped countless clients win custody of their children.

Child Support Enforcement

James M. Wirth, Esq. has obtained back child support judgments in excess of $100,000 and caused habitual non-payers to serve up to six months in the Tulsa County Jail.

Child Support Defense

Attorney James M. Wirth has helped countless people behind on their child support stay out of jail so they are better able to support their families.


Oklahoma lawyer James M. Wirth appealed to the Oklahoma Supreme Court when a father’s parental rights were terminated by a judge so that his ex-girlfriend could give the child up for adoption. Based on Mr. Wirth’s brief, the appellate court reversed the trial judge and restored Mr. Wirth’s client’s parental rights.

Juvenile Deprivation Cases

In one notable juvenile case, the State accused Hmong parents of child abuse, acquiescing to child sexual assault, and child selling when they allowed their underage daughter to culturally marry. The State requested immediate termination of parental rights despite the parents being good and loving parents to the child and her many siblings. Through trial, attorney James M. Wirth demonstrated that the allegations were mostly cultural misunderstandings exaggerated to the point of hyperbole. After trial, but prior to the pronouncement of the Court’s decision, the State agreed to dismiss the case.

Personal Injury Results

James M. Wirth has obtained six figure settlements in personal injury cases, one of which was settled while the client was in prison on an unrelated matter and therefore unavailable for trial.

In another interesting case, Mr. Wirth persuaded the insurance company to settle a wrongful death claim for a fetus conceived just 14 weeks prior to a car accident causing a miscarriage. This settlement was in addition to the mother’s personal injury claim.

Another example of a victory is from a case that Mr. Wirth took over after the client fired another attorney. The prior lawyer was one of the ones that can be seen in daytime television commercials. He had recommended that the client accept a settlement of $5,000 for injuries sustained in a minor car accident. She declined that offer and retained Wirth Law Office instead. Within a few months, Mr. Wirth had settled her case for $15,750 — more than three times as much as the prior attorney.

Bankruptcy Case Results

Wirth Law Office attorneys filed over 100 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in 2009, with nearly every single one receiving a discharge of their unsecured credit cards, medical, and other dischargeable debt. Overall, millions and millions in debt has been discharged.

Workers’ Compensation Results

Attorney James M. Wirth has handled hundreds of Workers’ Compensation cases for injured Oklahomans.

One memorable case involved a Hispanic gentleman whose employer told him to go to the Workers’ Compensation Court directly after his doctor’s appointment. They told him that they were going to give him $3,000 for his injury, but the client was not aware that they were trying to get him to agree to close out his case.

The injured worker instead called attorney James M. Wirth, who met him at the Workers’ Compensation Court the same day, reviewed the employer’s offer, and explained that if he signed the document he would not get any further medical treatment or benefits. He refused the offer. Mr. Wirth was able to obtain complete medical treatment for him as well as benefits totaling well over 1,000% of what they originally tried to get him to settle for without treatment.

Another memorable case involved an employee whose back was severely injured while doing manual labor. Spinal surgery was recommended by the orthopedic surgeon, but the employer refused to admit the case or pay for any benefits. This particular employer was self insured and had a reputation for harassing injured employees and denying rightful claims.

Wirth Law Office’s attorneys had to force the matter to trial to make any headway while the client was waiting for the approval to have surgery. At trial, the employer had two of its current employees testify that they were present at the time of the injury and that no injury occurred. However, the judge believed Mr. Wirth and his client’s case and awarded benefits allowing the injured worker to get the treatment he needed.

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