Oklahoma Criminal Appeals

Oklahoma criminal appealsOklahoma Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Investigations

It is a tragedy of our justice system that sometimes people are convicted of crimes unjustly. There are few personal tragedies that can match the injustice of being wrongly accused and convicted on a criminal charge.

Sometimes Oklahoma criminal courts get the law wrong. Sometimes juries get the facts wrong in criminal trials. It takes a special kind of lawyer to dig in to a conviction and find the best approach to challenge it.

Don’t delay and miss an opportunity to fight a conviction that may not be available next week, next month, or next year. Call for help from a post-conviction criminal lawyer today from Wirth Law Office – Tulsa at 918-879-1681.

Post-Conviction Investigation

The first step if you plan to challenge a conviction is to have a lawyer conduct a thorough post-conviction investigation. This involves gathering all of the facts, reviewing the complete record, and analyzing the case to identify the best strategy to fight a wrongful conviction. This is a critical step on the path toward overturning a bad ruling or bad conviction.

A criminal defense lawyer who handles post-conviction investigations at Wirth Law Office – Tulsa can also consult on any other steps that could be helpful achieve your goals and deadlines that may be important. The best course forward could be a number of different possibilities, including filing Oklahoma criminal appeals of your conviction.

Oklahoma Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Tulsa

If the best strategy for your case is seeking an appeal of your conviction, then an appeal lawyer from Wirth Law Office – Tulsa will use post-conviction investigation and analysis to form the best strategy to win. Appeals can be tough and there are never any guarantees, but your freedom is important enough that you will want to take the best shot possible. A Wirth Law Office appeals attorney can help you do that.

Free Consultation Regarding Investigations and Appeals

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