Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is a Protective Order in Oklahoma?

This Can Protect You from Being Abused or Harassed

Tulsa protective order defense lawyerVideo Transcript: What is a protective order? My name is Jason Sorenson. I’m a Tulsa lawyer at Wirth Law Office, and today we’re going to be talking a little bit about protective orders.

So a protective order is an order from a judge that tells a certain party that they can’t see or have any contact with another party. And this usually happens because there’s been some type of harassment or abuse or some kind of altercation between the two parties that necessitates having an order that restricts the party’s access to the other party.

So it protects a party from being harassed or abused again from that initial aggressor, that initial person who did the harassment to that person. So it carries significant penalties if that person were to go back and harass or abuse that person again because now they’re violating a court order, so they can face some serious consequences if they were to do that.

Some other consequences of having a protective order against you is that you can’t own a firearm. So it is a pretty big deal if somebody files a protective order against you, but it is there to protect people who are victims of types of harassment and abuse. But this is just general information.

If you want more information on protective orders, visit makelaweasy.com. And if you need help with a protective order, whether you’re filing one or whether someone’s filed one against you, you can give us a call at Wirth Law Office to speak with an Oklahoma protective order attorney and we can help you with that.

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