Tulsa Construction Lawyers

Advancing Your Project to Successful Completion

Tulsa construction lawyers in Wirth Law Office’s business law division counsel construction industry professionals at every stage of construction projects. Owners, developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, architects, design professionals and financiers rely on construction attorneys to protect their interests in complex construction projects.

Tulsa Construction Contracts Attorneys

As skilled legal experts, Wirth Law Office Tulsa construction lawyers work to eliminate legal barriers to project completion with informed preventive legal counsel and to break through barriers caused by disputes during production. By starting early in the process, a construction lawyer can assure that contract language spells out expectations while providing iron clad protection against defaults.

Tulsa Construction Mediation Attorneys

Expert contract review can resolve many job-site legal problems before they start. Others emerge out of nowhere, threatening to stop a project in its tracks. Design defects, changed conditions, unforeseen conditions and changes in work orders can bring a project to a standstill. Whether by mediation, arbitration or litigation, construction disputes must be resolved quickly and effectively to protect the often narrow margin that define project success. Wirth Law Office construction attorneys work to mitigate the impact of construction disputes while protecting your interests.

Tulsa Construction Litigation Attorneys

Legal planning and dispute resolution can remedy many problems before they impair successful completion of a project. Other disputes inevitably end up in court. Others find their way to a desk in the office of a state or local government agency. Whether your dispute involves a state agency action, construction litigation, timely collection, lien enforcement or defense against unjustified claims, you need a knowledgeable construction attorney to gain the best chance of an outcome in your favor.

Tulsa Construction Business Attorneys

Tulsa construction business attorneys at Wirth Law Office are available to help you at every stage of your business development. From business formation to dissolving a business entity and any point along the way, our business law division is there to help. Ask us about help in drafting credit applications, obtaining construction loans, project financing, employ policies or employee disputes.

At any stage in the life of your construction, real-estate development or property management venture, contact a business law attorney at Wirth Law Office for assurance that your enterprise grows on a strong legal foundation.

Tulsa Construction Attorney: Free Initial Consultations

Many companies choose to keep a business attorney available on retainer, so when problems arise, you have someone who knows the structure, culture and goals of your business. To help determine if Wirth Law Office is the best fit for your construction industry legal needs, we offer free consultations. That lets us learn something about your goals, and gives you an idea how we approach solving your legal problems.

Call today to schedule an initial consultation. Call the Tulsa Construction Attorney at (918) 879-1681 or send an inquiry using the contact forms found throughout this Website.

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