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Copyright protection in the age of global communication presents multi-faceted challenges. On the one hand, a copyright owner can reach massive audiences at little or no cost, often without the limitation and rigid requirements once imposed by stodgy old-school publishing houses.

On the other hand, these massive new markets expose copyrighted material to thieves, fraudsters and lawless publishers who have no concern for your publication rights. Without the legal resources of a large-scale publisher to protect your copyright, you may think you have nowhere to turn and no way to protect your valuable intellectual property rights.

The good news is, there is a copyright attorney near you who is ready and able to take on these fly-by-night businesses who want to build their wealth on your labor. A copyright attorney in Oklahoma can also rise to defend you when someone unfairly claims your original work infringes on a copyright they claim to own.

A copyright attorney can help you settle the full scope of copyright law matters — from transactions including licensing, transfers and copyright registrations, to the most difficult copyright disputes — including federal copyright infringement litigation.

When your copyright has been infringed, you need the skills and expertise of an experienced copyright lawyer. A Wirth Law Office copyright lawyer has experience in defending copyright infringement defendants against legal claims and in working on behalf of plaintiffs seeking to enforce their valuable IP rights.

Copyright Attorney for All Matters

Contact a copyright lawyer in Oklahoma from Wirth Law Office with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. A Wirth Law Office copyright attorney can assist with:

  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright enforcement
  • Copyright litigation
  • DMCA compliance, take-downs and counter-notice
  • Counterfeit investigations and customs enforcement
  • Copyright licensing
  • Content licensing
  • Music licensing
  • Software licensing
  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licenses and risk management
  • Copyright counterfeit investigations
  • Public domain investigations
  • Copyright strikes on Youtube

We can handle a range of other related legal matters that may arise for your business in relation to its websites, internet presence, social media, other publishing platforms and digital advertising. A copyright lawyer in Oklahoma can help you handle drafting or reviewing terms and conditions, cookies policy, privacy policy and more.

Free Consultation with Copyright Lawyer

Before you invest in the services of a copyright protection law firm, find out if the firm offers the kind of zealous, relentless representation you require. Wirth Law Office’s Tulsa lawyers offer free consultations so you can decide if we provide the legal services that best fit your requirements.  Call 918-879-1681 today to discuss how a copyright attorneys in Oklahoma can assist you.

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