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  • Oklahoma Attorney James Wirth Interview with KOCO-TV Channel 5

    Man Arrested for 130-Mile Joyride on Back of Semi-truck   KOCO-TV Channel 5 reached out to Wirth Law Office for questions in terms of legal prosecutions that would apply in this scenario. “This is just a really unusual scenario but the law was prepared for it. Loitering in or around without permission of the owner, […]

  • Tulsa Attorney James Wirth Interview with KFOR

    KFOR reached out to Wirth Law Office to discuss about charging child neglect when mothers are suspected of medical marijuana use.

  • Vaccine Mandate: Wirth Law Attorney James Wirth Speaks to KTUL About Court Decision

    According to Wirth Law Attorney, James Wirth, “Essentially the administrative agency is more tied to those types of health issues, and because of that, they determined that it’s more likely than not going to be found to be within the authority of that administrative agency.”

  • Tulsa Attorney James Wirth Speaks On KTUL 8 About Oklahoma’s J&J Opioid Lawsuit Dismissal

    The Supreme Court of Oklahoma has thrown out a major 2019 ruling in an opioid case against Johnson & Johnson worth $465 million.

  • The City of Tulsa Cyberattack: Wirth Law’s James Wirth Spoke to News Channel 8 About the Matter

    Tulsa announced that hackers obtained more than 18,000 city files. The leaked files are police citations and internal department files.

  • Tulsa Criminal Attorney Discusses Medical Marijuana on KJRH Channel 2

    Tulsa criminal attorney James M. Wirth told KJRH Channel 2 that colleges and universities that prohibit marijuana on campus after medical marijuana was legalized usually do so because they receive federal funds, campus policies often reflect federal mandates. Under federal law, marijuana remains illegal, and schools risk loss of federal money if their policies accommodated medical marijuana.

  • Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney Explains Uninsured Driver Law on Fox 23

    A new Oklahoma law that allows cameras to be used in ticketing motorists suspected of driving without insurance could result in arrest of innocent drivers. Tulsa traffic ticket attorney James Wirth told Fox 23 the semi-automated, camera-driven system could issue as many as 20,000 uninsured driving tickets a month.

  • Tulsa Attorney Explains Uninsured Driver Enforcement Flaws on KTUL

    Tulsa attorney James M. Wirth appeared on KTUL to explain flaws a new law that will use remote cameras to enforce Oklahoma driving without insurance laws. The law ignores an age old presumption of innocence before trial, makes light of probable cause requirements before a citation can be issued, lays groundwork for arrest warrants to name insured drivers who never received notices of a citations, allows officials to rely on a database that might exclude one in 20 insured drivers, and appears to be a cash cow for District Attorneys who can shuffle accused drivers into a probation program without ever taking them to court.

  • Tulsa Expungement Attorney on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa

    Changes in Oklahoma expungment law now make it easier than ever to get Oklahoma court records sealed. Tulsa expungement attorney James Wirth explained the new expungment laws to Good Day Tulsa’s Erin Christy.

  • Tulsa Common Law Marriage Attorney on Fox 23

    Oklahoma courts require clear and convincing evidence when a common law marriage is alleged. Common law marriage can occur with a meeting of the minds between two partners who agree to be married, but proving that agreement can be a more complicated endeavor.