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trademark lawyer oklahomaThe good name and reputation of your business can be your most valuable asset. When someone hijacks your image, opportunity and income that should accrue to your business becomes an asset for your direct competitors.

Your new business or new product will come to be known by the name you choose. Missteps in establishing or protecting the trademarks that comprise your brand can be catastrophic. A hijacked trademark not only steers clients or customers away from your door — it can also associate your hard-fought brand reputation with an inferior product or service.

To protect the symbols by which the public recognizes your business, rely on a trademark lawyer with the expertise and  experience required to protect your reputation. A Wirth Law Office trademark attorney has to represented companies and brandholders owning some of the most valuable trademarks in some of the most complicated matters.

Our trademark lawyer, an expert intellectual property attorney, is available for consultation near you in Oklahoma with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Trademark Lawyer for All Matters

If you are looking for a “trademark lawyer near me,” be sure it is the right trademark lawyer near you. No other Oklahoma trademark attorney will be able to better manage your business needs when it comes to the trademarks you may be considering, seeking to register, managing, or planning to monetize through licensing, for example.

  • Trademark counseling
  • Trademark portfolio management
  • Trademark clearance
  • Trademark prosecution
  • Trademark applications
  • Intent to Use (ITU) applications
  • Trademark registrations
  • Trademark searches
  • Trademark office actions
  • Franchise IP licensing
  • Trademark licensing
  • Trademark transfers and transactions

Trademark Lawyer for Disputes and Litigation

Misuse of your trademarks by other parties can damage your reputation. And disputes involving the trademarks you use for your business or products can change the course of your business. If you have received a demand letter, wish to stop others from infringing your trademarks, facing a dispute in the TTAB, or headed for trademark litigation in federal court.

  • Trademark investigations and use in commerce review
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Trademark Trials and Appeals Board (TTAB) disputes
  • Federal trademark litigation
  • Domain name disputes
  • Trademark counterfeit investigations and enforcement

Oklahoma Business Lawyers

Entrepreneurs often face complex attacks on their brand reputation and intellectual property assets. In addition to trademark protection, Wirth Law Office’s business law division offers the services of trademark attorneys, intellectual property attorneys and copyright lawyers in Oklahoma. Whatever the legal needs of your small or medium sized business, at Wirth Law Office you will find a business lawyer Tulsa entrepreneurs can rely on for skilled, informed legal counsel and representation

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