Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma

federal criminal defense attorney in OklahomaFederal Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma

A federal prosecutor – officially called an Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) – is the most elite member of the law enforcement community. They have far more time and resources than any local prosecutor and they are supported by elite investigators of the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies.

When a federal prosecutor seeks an indictment, they are not hearing about your case for the first time on the day of an arraignment or trial as can be routine for overworked county prosecutors. They have a criminal case they expect to win and they are loaded for bear.

If you are facing a federal criminal charge, you are in the big leagues with the pros. You can’t afford to take the field with a minor league defense team. A federal criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma can help.

Defenses with a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

The defenses available in a federal criminal case depend on the specific facts and law of the case. However, without a solid federal criminal defense attorney on your side, good defenses that can save your life can be overlooked and will not be available later on appeal.

In some cases, a federal criminal defendant could have an insanity defense or a competency defense available that could completely change the outcome of a trial. An inexperienced defense attorney or a federal public defender could fail to raise these defenses or could fail to handle them properly, with catastrophic results.

Insanity Defense and Competency Defense

Competency and insanity defenses are similar in some ways, but handled completely differently in practice. Either or both may apply in a particular case. In the simplest terms, an insanity defense is about whether the defendant is responsible for the actions they took that led to the criminal charge. Competency is about whether the defendant can face the charges at the time of the criminal case, regardless of whether they were guilty at the time they committed the alleged criminal acts.

Federal criminal defense attorneys who do not know the ins and outs of these important defenses can make any number of mistakes. Including, for example, failing to get evaluations of the defendant handled separately by different evaluators at different times in the process. Too few defense attorneys know when they need to put forward these defenses. And even when they do, having a single evaluation for both determinations is a blunder that is far too common.

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