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intellectual property attorneys in Oklahoma

Protecting intellectual property rights has long been one of the most difficult challenges small businesses can face. Once the Internet changed the way the world communicates, intellectual property protection challenges increased by orders of magnitude.

Global players with deep pockets could walk all over the intellectual property rights of small business owners. Enforcing copyrights, trademarks and patent rights took on an whole new dimension. Trade secrets could be made public by shadowy players with little concern for consequences.

Fortunately, U.S. intellectual property law still favors the rightful owners of intellectual resources. There are still consequences. You could be entitled to statutory damages for infringements on your intellectual property rights.

A Tulsa intellectual property attorney at Wirth Law Office in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can help you with a full range of business transactional and dispute matters. Contact us today regarding matters related to any intellectual property rights, including:

IP Lawyer for Trademark, Copyright and More

When you need either a trademark lawyer or a copyright lawyer or a litigation attorney for a patent dispute, it is best to have an IP attorney near you who can bring an integrated approach to handling your matters.

There is often cross-over among areas of intellectual property for clients with businesses that use any software or computers or has an online presence. This may include a website, social media marketing, or digital advertising. Thus, you want an intellectual property attorney with experience handling complex IP matters for sophisticated IP rightsholders.

Intellectual Property Attorney for Technology Transactions

Technology transaction agreements governed by California, New York, or foreign law can be handled by our highly experienced intellectual property attorney in Oklahoma. Your business benefits from an intellectual property lawyer with broad experience in IP matters across the country and internationally.

IP Attorney Primary Practice Areas

Trademark matters, copyright enforcement, patent litigation, technology transactions, counterfeit investigations, IP enforcement, content licensing, social media, content platform and auction site IP issues are all areas in which a Wirth Law Office intellectual property attorney in Oklahoma City and Tulsa can help. Call 918-879-1681 today.

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