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  • Rogers County Cops and Courts Controversies Timeline

    Wirth Law Office compiled a timeline of Rogers County controversies that include allegations of lying by police, a grand jury investigation of the DA, public officials libel lawsuits against other officials and the local newspaper, and the landslide electoral defeat of the Rogers County District Attorney.

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Cancels Online Court Records Contract

    Some Internet data transfer speeds now approach the speed of light. Data transfer in Oklahoma courts is not nearly so fast.

    Oklahoma courts’ efforts to provide online access to statewide court records were moving at a snail’s pace event before they came to a full stop on June 9, 2014.

  • Oklahoma Courts: How to Save Text Messages for Legal Purposes

    The spread of smartphone technology has dramatically increased the frequency with which people use text messages for legal purposes in Oklahoma civil cases and criminal trials. Yet litigants who need to show the contents of text messages in court can face several hurdles. The simplest hurdle is often merely preserving the contents of text messages. […]

  • Lawyer Represents Rogers County DA in Official and Private Lawsuits

    The money trail in a merry-go-round of lawsuits among Rogers County officials gives new meaning to the adage “What comes around, goes around.” Take a look at the Tulsa attorney representing the Rogers County District Attorney and two assistants in their libel lawsuit against the Rogers County Sheriff, a Claremore detective, the father of a […]

  • How to Petition for a Grand Jury in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is among at least six states that allow citizens to petition courts to empanel a grand jury that may investigate allegations of crimes. In Oklahoma, the citizens right is enshrined in the state constitution’s Bill of Rights. Like most rights, the right to petition for a grand jury in Oklahoma comes with some obligations. […]

  • Rogers County DA: ‘I’m Little Ashamed of Some Law Enforcement’

    Cue the famous clang – “cha Chung!” – from the ever-popular TV series Law & Order. During the program’s 20-year run, police and prosecutors frequently clashed over competing interests. Cops sometimes wanted to make cases at any cost. Prosecutors wanted cases that withstood legal review. The ongoing clash in Rogers County, Oklahoma between police and […]

  • Rogers County Sheriff Seeks Grand Jury Investigation of Rogers County District Attorney

    A war of words raging among elected officials in Rogers County by way of court filings and public allegations has escalated again. This time, the Rogers County Sheriff and five others filed an unusual motion to authorize a citizens’ petition for a grand jury investigation into allegations against the Rogers County District Attorney, three assistant […]

  • Rogers County District Attorney Election Promises Long, Lively Campaign

    The 2014 Rogers County District Attorney election promises to be among the more intriguing local elections we’ve seen lately. We have already seen a cop suing the DA, the DA suing a newspaper and a judge seeking election to the DA’s office fired – at a meeting reportedly called by a relative of the current […]

  • Confidential Juvenile Records ‘Strewn’ Around Rogers County Courthouse

    The idea that juveniles should be treated differently under the law predates the origins of U.S. jurisprudence. Juvenile justice has changed significantly since it was originally shaped by English common law but a significant precept of juvenile justice has long been that juveniles in the system are afforded a degree of privacy. Juvenile courts nationwide […]