The Oklahoma Divorce Decree

Oklahoma divorce decreeYour Divorce Decree Explained

Once everything is settled in your divorce, you can get a Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce decree.

A divorce decree is the document that finalizes your divorce. It is signed by the judge and will include the date which your divorce is final. It also may include other dates by which certain things will have to have been completed by the spouses, such as removal of personal items from the family home.

A Divorce Decree is a Court Order

Because a divorce decree is an order signed by a judge, it is important that you read, understand, and abide by its terms. It may include all kinds of matters.

If you do not abide by its terms, your ex-spouse can bring a motion before the court to make sure that you do adhere to the court order.

Likewise, if there are any mistakes in the order, it is imperative that you bring those to the court’s attention as soon as possible. Your divorce decree can include such things as child custody and support; if there are mistakes in it, and you will be stuck with the order as it is. Your attorney can help you bring any mistakes to the attention of the court and get them corrected.

What to Do with Your Divorce Decree

You may want to keep a copy of your decree in a safe place. It is wise to refer to it when you or your ex are unsure of how to handle an issue after the divorce is finalized. This is especially true if you have minor children that are subject to the decree.

The decree will cover child custody and support issues and can be modified if you or your ex’s needs change. But until it is modified or your children reach the age of majority, it remains a standing order of the court.

If you have questions about any part of your decree, write them down and ask your attorney about them. It is important that you fully understand everything that is covered in the decree.

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