Oklahoma Child Support Laws

child support lawsOklahoma child support laws are crafted to ensure that children enjoy adequate financial support from their parents. Like those of every other state, Oklahoma child support laws obligate each parent to support their minor children.

Calculating Child Support

Each divorced or unmarried parent’s child support obligations are calculated based on their income and their relative contribution to overall childcare obligations, including overnight stays.

Modification of Child Support Amounts

Child support obligations can be modified by court order when there has been a significant change in the child’s or the parents’ cicrumstances. Courts can modify child support obligations either upwards or downwards.

Collecting Delinquent Child Support

Oklahoma law provides several means for collecting past-due child support, including wage garnishments, forfeiture of property, suspension of professional licenses, and even criminal prosecution.

Statute of Limitations for Collecting Child Support

If you owe back rent on an apartment, after five years the debt is considered uncollectable. There is no statute of limitations for child support debts in Oklahoma. Past due child support can be collected at any time, indefinitely, until the obligation is satisfied.

Free Consultation with a Tulsa Child Support Attorney

Uncertainty about child support obligations can be a harmful distraction for a separated or divorced parent. Rather than guessing what the law requires, contact a qualified child support attorney for answers to your questions about child support in Oklahoma.

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