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  • Statute of Limitations in Oklahoma Child Support Collections

    Child Support in Oklahoma Everyone has a moral, ethical and legal obligation to support their children. And in Oklahoma, that obligation is taken seriously. This includes child support for the children of a divorced couple. Past due child support must be paid. In Oklahoma, there is no statute of limitations for past due child support […]

  • When Can I File a Child Support Modification in Oklahoma?

    Child Support Modification: A Matter of Need The hastily-drafted child support order filed when your divorce became final may not fit your circumstances a few years down the line. Things change. That streak of good income can dry up. Maybe you agreed to change custody arrangements so now you have more overnights. These things can […]

  • An Oklahoma Debtors Prison: Tulsa Jail Overcrowded by Indebted Inmates

    The Tulsa County jail is growing dangerously overcrowded. The facility has exceeded its official capacity for the past eight months. According to a report this month in the Tulsa World, the jail’s population could soon exceed official capacity by nearly 20 percent: 300 more than the 1,700 inmates the jail is designed to hold. What […]