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  • How to File for Unemployment in Oklahoma

    If you are a diligent worker and lose your job in Oklahoma, you most likely will be entitled to unemployment benefits. Every employer is required to pay unemployment insurance to cover displaced workers unemployment compensation for a limited period of time or until they find another job. This article explains how to file for unemployment […]

  • Benefits of Just Having an Attorney

    Some times just the fact that you have an attorney can make a positive difference in your case.  This was the case in an unemployment appeal that I recently handled.  I was representing a woman let go from her position at a local university.  My client filed for unemployment and the human resources representative for […]

  • Four Unemployment Appeal Wins

    Tulsa unemployment attorney James M. Wirth hit a milestone today of four (4) consecutive unemployment appeal victories. In each of the four cases, the Wirth Law Office was hired by clients who had been denied unemployment compensation by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. The employer in each case claimed that the Wirth Law Office client […]