Tulsa Attorney BlogThe Municipal Authority Have Started Cracking Down on Speeding Around Tulsa

Do Not Speed

Video Transcribed: Are you a lead foot living in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Well, then you’ll want to watch this video and pay close attention because there’s a new potential threat coming over the horizon from the city municipal court.

attorney in TulsaMy name is Brian L. Jackson. I am an attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I want to talk to you about some recent phenomenon that’s been going on in Tulsa Municipal Court. Specifically, the municipal authority has started really cracking down on speeding in and around the Tulsa Metro.

Now, what that means to you is if you get busted for excessive speeding or reckless driving in Tulsa, particularly, if you’re driving over a hundred miles an hour, the city’s starting to recommend jail time for those tickets. And in many cases, the prosecutors will not back off of jail time.

Obviously, I’m not encouraging you to speed anyway, I mean, it’s dangerous and you shouldn’t be doing it even without the threat of jail time. But nevertheless, if you are someone who routinely speeds, this is yet another reason to think about slowing down a little bit so that you’re not sitting in municipal court, potentially facing the threat of sitting in a municipal jail.

So, just be aware of that. And if you do need help with a speeding ticket, if you’ve already been busted, then I would very strongly urge you to go to makelaweasy.com and talk to us. We’ll help you out. Thanks.

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