Tulsa Attorney BlogHow to Get Your Improper Equipment Ticket Dismissed in the Tulsa Municipal Court

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ticket attorney in Tulsa, OKVideo Transcribed: How do you get your ticket for an unsafe vehicle or improper equipment dismissed in Tulsa Municipal Court? I’m Tulsa Attorney James Worth, and I’m doing a series of videos relating to questions related to the city court in Tulsa. And this one deals with how to get a ticket dismissed if you’re cited with an unsafe vehicle or with improper equipment, and it’s all part of the city municipal code.

If you were cited with that, perhaps you have a taillight out, something along those lines, and the Tulsa Police Department writes you up a ticket that says that you have an unsafe vehicle or improper equipment. How do you get that dismissed? Well, it’s right in the law, and this is what it says, “Any person producing proof to the court within 48 hours that a condition or equipment for which the person was cited as defective, missing, prohibited, improper, unauthorized, or otherwise, in violation of this chapter, has been remediated by the person, shall be entitled to dismissal of the charge without assessment of court costs or fees.”

So what that means is that if you’re cited with those things saying there’s something wrong with your vehicle, you have a short period of time to get that issue corrected and get proof of that to the court, and then you can get the charge completely dismissed with no court costs or anything. You want to get that done within 48 hours. So how do you get it dismissed? Correct it, get proof to the court, and do it quickly, within 48 hours.

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