Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Do I Clear My Driving Record in Oklahoma?

Avoid Getting Traffic Tickets

Video Transcribed: How do I clear my driving record in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney, James Wirth, and we’re talking about the Department of Public Safety and their driver’s license points that they keep on record, that are reported to insurance companies, and that could cause suspension of your license if you get too many. So how do you get your record clean?

There are a few things that you should do. But first I want to point out that this is for regular, non-commercial drivers. If you are a commercial driver, then it’s a completely different system, that’s much more punitive, you need to talk to a commercial driving attorney about that. We can help you out on that as well if you want to go to makelaweasy.com.

But if we’re talking about just a non-commercial driver’s license, a regular driver’s license, you get points on there, you want to get those off, so it’s not reported to insurance companies for increased insurance costs or that you don’t lose your license, there’s three things you can do, essentially.

So the first one, first off, avoids getting the traffic tickets. Second, if you do get a traffic citation, maybe talk to an attorney, see if you can get it resolved without points on your license, either by a dismissal or a deferred sentence, or maybe a reduction to a violation that does not cause points to be on there. If those points are on there, look at doing defensive driving. You do a defensive driving course, send proof of that to the Department of Public Safety, they remove two points.

Next, if you go 12 months without any convictions, any traffic convictions, then you earn two points off your license. And lastly, if you go three years without any traffic citations resulting in convictions, then you’re rewarded with that, with a clean slate, those points are taken off. And of course, those points automatically fall off, even if you have additional citations, those old ones fall off after five years.

So that’s how you get your record clean. If you are facing a traffic violation in Oklahoma, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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