Tulsa Attorney BlogCan the HOA Place a Lien on Your Property in Oklahoma?

Understanding HOA’s ability to place liens.

Understanding Homeowner’s Associations in Oklahoma

Can a homeowner’s association place a lien on your property? Hi, I am Oklahoma lawyer Lindsay McDowell with Wirth Law Office. Yes, it is possible that a homeowner’s association may place a lien on your property. A homeowner’s association is usually created by a formation of bylaws and other documents that must be filed with the county clerk in the county where the neighborhood is located.

Those bylaws and the covenants and restrictions that come with them provide a roadmap for how the homeowner’s association can govern and care for common areas in the neighborhood as well as restrictions that can be placed on each lot and homeowner within that neighborhood as to how they can handle certain areas with their home such as fencing, taking care of their lawns, design, and color of their homes, whether or not vehicles can be parked in the street, whether RVs can be located and served in the neighborhood at all, and other related issues.

If a homeowner’s association feels that you as a homeowner are not complying with the bylaws or with the covenants and restrictions, they can take action against you. One of those includes levying fines or assessments on the individuals in the neighborhood which can ultimately become liens on your property if you do not pay those fines or assessments.

Do You Have Rights as a Homeowner in Oklahoma?

One important thing to remember though is that you must have been proprieted a copy of the covenants and restrictions at the time that you purchased your lot and or home. Under Oklahoma law, they’re required to provide you with those covenants and restrictions at the time of sale so you’re made aware of those before you make the decision to purchase your property. If you weren’t provided a copy of those restrictions and covenants that may be an avenue that you can use to dispute the lien or any other claims by the homeowners association.

As a homeowner in Oklahoma, it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities under your homeowner’s association. If you’re facing a lien on your property or other legal issues related to your homeowner’s association, it’s important to seek legal guidance.

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