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  • How to Get a Divorce in Oklahoma

    Unlike a common law marriage where you can enter it outside of court, there’s no such thing as a common-law divorce.

  • How Much is Child Support in Oklahoma?

    It is determined based on primarily the parties’ incomes and the number of kids involved, with a few other factors that go into that as well.

  • How to File for Child Support in Oklahoma

    If you are the father filing, establish yourself as the father, get parental rights and seek child support from the mother. If you’re the mother, then you’re filing to establish that the father is the legal father, biological father, and should be paying child support.

  • What is Joint Custody in Oklahoma?

    Generally speaking, when you have joint custody, it means that you have a joint legal say in the big decisions for the child.

  • Six Things a Child’s Legal Custodian Must Decide in Oklahoma

    It’s primarily what school’s the child going to attend. That’s the first one. The second one is summer camps, church camps, things like that.

  • What is Primary Custody in Oklahoma Family Law?

    The term primary custody was not located anywhere in Oklahoma statute, was not cited in any case law. But typically, it was used in order to designate for two particular purposes. One, sometimes you’ve got two parents going through a divorce or through a custody battle. And one party as part of negotiations wants to be designated the primary just to have that title.

  • What is Standard Visitation in Oklahoma Custody Cases?

    Standard visitation generally means that the non-custodial parent or the secondary custodial parent has every other weekend and alternating holidays. And that every other weekend is typically from Friday after school and then returning sometime Sunday evening every other weekend. And that’s the typical standard visitation, but it’s important to note that many people don’t call that standard visitation.

  • What is Extended Standard Visitation in Oklahoma Family Law?

    Extended standard visitation, that means instead of being from Friday after school to Sunday evening every other weekend, it is from Friday after school, all the way till Monday back to school every other weekend and that’s the extended part. Instead of returning the child on Sunday evening, you returned the child on Monday morning by taking the child to school.

  • 50/50 Visitation Schedules in Oklahoma Family Law

    The two most common 50/50 schedules are going to be a week on/week off and the 2-2-3 schedule.

  • What Is Week on/Week off Visitation Schedule in Oklahoma Family Law?

    A 50/50 schedule is where each parent gets an equal amount of time and the kids are transitioned once per week.