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Tulsa truck accident attorneyRecover Loss From a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Because of the size and weight of commercial trucks, a semi-truck accident can exact a devastating toll on those involved. Along with performance pressures on drivers to work longer hours, hauling more weight and more loads at maximum speeds, commercial vehicles sharing Oklahoma roadways with passenger vehicles can be a recipe for disaster.

Yet most truck drivers exercise reasonable care and get their loads to their destination without incident. When an accident occurs, there is always a reason. The Tulsa truck accident attorney at Wirth Law Office has the skill, training, and experience to find out why accidents occur and who is responsible for damage caused by a trucking accident on an Oklahoma highway.

The mission of Wirth Law Office’s Tulsa personal injury attorneys is to be certain those who seek our help after a truck accident are fully compensated for their losses. The size and weight of trucks often results in more severe, permanent injuries. Herniated disks and complex back injuries can require expensive surgery.

The losses often go beyond medical costs. There can be costs of property damage, lost wages, transportation while a vehicle is out of service, and opportunities lost due to pain or suffering. A partial or permanent disability can mean ongoing income loss.

In legal terms, we say you have a right to be made whole. We work to recover all of those costs, so you can again enjoy life as fully possible as you did before disaster struck like a load of bricks. For a free, no-obligation case review, call Wirth Law Office at 918-879-1681.

Why Do Truck Accidents Occur?

Truckers are not always at fault in accidents. A NHTSA National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Study found drivers of trucks at fault in two out of five crashes involving cars and big trucks. In those crashes not caused by the non-commercial vehicle, the reason for the accident usually involved something the truck driver did that could have been avoided.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s annual Large Truck Crash Causation Study has repeatedly found driver performance to be the critical reason in nearly 9 out of 10 crashes where the truck was the primary cause of the accident.

When truck drivers were at fault, it was often because they were driving too fast, unfamiliar with the roadway, using over-the-counter drugs, inadequately supervised, fatigued, under pressure to work, distracted, or not paying attention. When a mechanical issue with the truck contributed to the accident, brake problems, tire problems, and shifted cargo topped the list.

Semi-truck accidents make up only part of Oklahoma’s commercial vehicle accident statistics. Dump-trucks, box trucks, and multi-axle flat-bed trucks routinely ply Oklahoma highways, hauling heavy loads along often unfamiliar highways. Utility trucks, buses, and light commercial vehicles also account for a significant number of Oklahoma commercial vehicle accidents each year.

The reasons light commercial vehicles are involved in accidents can be the same reasons semi-trucks get in accidents: drivers’ attention may be divided between the roadway and other work-related concerns. Drivers might be poorly trained, inadequately supervised, or not provided proper equipment to assure their attention is not diverted from driving.

Who Pays for Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Whenever a commercial vehicle is involved, a number of potential defendants might be involved. The driver’s employer can be liable. A trucking company could be liable. Contractors might be involved.

An Oklahoma truck accident lawyer works to identify all potential defendants who might owe compensation to an accident victim. Insurance liability limits in commercial accident cases often far exceed those typical of private passenger vehicles. Each plaintiff typically carries a separate insurance policy.

Your commercial vehicle accident lawyer must identify who is able to pay and who is liable. Personal injury attorneys assess the full extent of your loss and demand that those responsible pay compensation. If they refuse to fully compensate an injured party, an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer can go to court to seek payment.

What Proof is Required in a Truck Accident Case?

Most commercial truck accident cases rest on the premise that compensation is owned because of negligence. In a successful case, a personal injury attorney demonstrates that the defendants:

  • had a duty to exercise a reasonable degree of care,
  • failed to exercise reasonable care, and
  • failure to exercise reasonable care caused the injury and loss to the plaintiff.

Proof of negligence can come from drivers’ logs, maintenance logs, company training documents, or financial records. Expert witnesses can be called to establish a company’s duty and how commercial transportation companies typically meet those duties.

An accident attorney can rely on subpoena power to get the information required to prove who was at fault in a commercial trucking accident. Insurers often agree to pay a plaintiff the compensation they are owed before they expose their clients to the time and cost of preparing a case for trial.

How Long Does it Take to Get Compensation?

Insurance companies sometimes offer injured parties a quick settlement. The offer often comes with a hidden cost. A person who settles can be unable to collect costs discovered long after the accident.

Final medical bills might not arrive for weeks after an accident occurs. Medical reports might suggest additional or ongoing care. A second medical opinion can sometimes reveal the likelihood of ongoing medical costs or even partial disabilities resulting from a physical injury.

When you retain a personal injury attorney, your legal team works to immediately end collection calls and collection efforts until the case is settled. Wirth Law Office’s commercial vehicle accident attorney typically receives no payment until the case is settled. When the case is settled, you legal team works to distribute the settlement among creditors and prepares payment to you for losses.

The process can take longer than accepting a quick check from commercial accident insurance carrier, but the results can be significantly different. With a Tulsa truck accident attorney on your side, you are in a better position to get full compensation for your medical costs, lost property, out of pocket costs, and pain and suffering.

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