Patent Litigation Attorney in Oklahoma

Patent Litigation and Transactions in Oklahoma

patent litigationPatent litigation attorneys know better than anyone that inventing a product or securing a patent can often be only half the battle. The more difficult fight is often to enforce your rights so you can profit from your invention.

All too often, an inventor invests precious resources to secure a patent only to discover someone else producing an identical product. Or, an inventor spends months and years perfecting a product only to learn someone else is trying to unfairly impose a patent on the inventor’s original idea.

A patent litigation attorney in Tulsa or Oklahoma City may be able to help you with disputes related to inventions already registered with the USPTO. Whether you are seeking to enforce patent rights against an infringer or facing an accusation of patent infringement, Wirth Law Office – Tulsa has the expertise required to represent your interests.

From initial contact, to negotiation, to resolution of your patent dispute through settlement, patent licensing agreement or ultimately through litigation in a federal district court, a Wirth Law Office patent litigator can protect your rights to your invention.

When your earnings from your work are on the line, you need a patent litigation attorney with experience in high stakes litigations and disputes representing both plaintiffs and defendants. When you someone else tries to profit from your effort, flexible fee arrangements may be available that can help independent inventors retain the legal services required to protect their interests.

Patent Transfers and Tech Transactions in Oklahoma

A Wirth Law Office patent litigation attorney can also help with non-prosecution related patent transactions such as technology transfer, patent licensing and patent rights transfers. Call today to find out how our patent litigation attorney can handle your non-prosecution transactional matter.

Free Consultation with Patent Litigation Attorney

The Tulsa attorneys at Wirth Law Office are available to assist you with all of your federal and Oklahoma business law needs.  In addition to patent litigation and general business law, we offer counsel in matters of trademark litigation and copyright litigation in federal court.

The firm offers free consultations so you can know our legal services are a good fit for you before you invest in legal counsel and representation. Call today to discuss how a patent litigation attorney in Tulsa or Oklahoma City can assist you: 918-879-1681.

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