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Tulsa identity theftJames M. Wirth, Esq., Tulsa Identity Theft Attorney

You’re jarred from the dinner table by an aggressive knock on the door. You answer and a police officer demands to know your name.

The next thing you know, you’ve been ordered out of your house, handcuffed, and you’re sitting in a jail cell. Trouble is, you never did anything wrong – much less the egregious acts for which you’ve been accused. You know it must be a classic case of mistaken identity.

Your mind may be racing too fast to figure out that you’ve been the victim of identity theft. While you were being rushed through booking and pushed into a jail cell, you might have been thinking more about your family than about how to find a Tulsa identity theft attorney.

When accused of someone else’s crime, most people insist it wasn’t them. Detectives may ask pointedly if you are in fact who you say you are. Of course you are. They insist that you are exactly who they’re looking for and that you’re going to go to prison for a long time if you don’t start to cooperate.

With the growth of the internet and widespread use of computers, it’s easier than ever for a criminal to assume someone else’s identity. It can take as little as a finding someone’s misplaced smart phone for an identity thief to steal an identity. When you’re the victim of identity theft, you can be left holding the bag for someone else’s credit card fraud, drug charges, even violent felonies.

If you’re charged for crimes someone else committed using your name in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you’ll want the representation of a skilled Tulsa identity theft attorney to clear your name. If you’re facing charges for someone else’s crimes, call Wirth Law Office’s criminal defense division today for a free consultation at 918-879-1681.

The Identity Theft Shell Game

The circumstances that give rise to wrongful accusations resulting from identity theft can be complex. Mistaken identity may be far more common. In those cases, police simply find the wrong person who may look like or have a name similar to an actual perpetrator.

In rare cases, a person may seek to frame another person – deliberately making them look guilty by intentionally using their identity to commit crimes out of malice toward the identity theft victim. Our experience with identity theft in Tulsa, and reading about cases elsewhere suggests actual perpetrators often don’t care who gets left holding the bag – as long as it’s anyone other than the real perpetrator.

An identity thief may steal your bank cards or apply for cards under your name, leaving you facing criminal liability for the perpetrator’s shopping spree. An identity thief may create an alias using your personal details – your name, address, Social Security number, and driver’s license number – to mislead investigators.

When you’re arrested for crimes someone else committed, police and prosecutors may be indifferent to your earnest urging that they’ve got the wrong person. They hear it all the time – suspects are arrested and claim they didn’t do it. Fear and sudden exposure to the inside of a jail can leave you frustrated and angry, which can double down on their impressions of you as a guilty person. This is when you need an experienced Tulsa identity theft attorney to stand with you.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Identity Theft Attorney

Don’t let someone else’s criminal behavior ruin your reputation, your credit, and your personal life. With the representation of a skilled Tulsa identity theft lawyer, you can fight to clear your name, and sometimes even recover damages for the wrong that was done to you.

Fight back with the knowledge and expertise of a experienced Tulsa identity theft attorney. We can stand with you to clear your name and restore your reputation.

For a free, confidential consultation, call Wirth Law Office’s criminal defense division today at 918-879-1681.

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