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A Tulsa immigration attorney knows as well as anyone — immigration law is an ever-changing field. One need only turn on the evening news to see that changes in immigration law can have a devastating impact on the lives of individuals who travel across international borders.

Whether your concerned about your visa status, maintaining your green card, gaining citizenship through naturalization, or securing foreign talent in your workforce, the immigration attorney at Wirth Law Firm is available to assist you. A Tulsa immigration attorney carefully reviews details of each situation to achieve desired outcomes in the context of current immigration law.

Areas of Immigraton Law

  • Marriage and Family Immigration Law: National borders are essential for rational management of public affairs, but they can also carve deep lines that divide parents from children, separate spouses from each other, and leave fiances longing in limbo when they would rather be building a life together. A Tulsa immigration attorney can help build the legal foundation for a secure future unfettered by artificial boundaries. Whether you need to obtain a fiance visa or to help your relatives legally enter the United States with an immediate relative green card, contact a qualified immigration attorney to avoid wasting time and money on unqualified advice.
  • Business Immigration Law: In today’s global economy, businesses often help workers arrange legal status as they travel across national borders. When your workforce strategy requires visas and permanent residency status cards for foreign nationals, L1 visas, H-1B visas, visas for healthcare workers or nurses, visas for athletes or entertainers, or visas for investors, a qualified and experienced immigration attorney is the way to go. Once your employees have obtained employment-based visas, an immigration attorney can help with Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) Labor Certification.
  • Other Visas and Citizenship: Travelers, guests, and immigrants rely on a wide range of legal mechanisms to secure their status in the United States. Immigration attorneys can help obtain a student visa, a religious visa, an extraordinary ability visa, a business visitor visa, permanent residency, and provide clients legal guidance in how to maintain their green card status while they seek citizenship,
  • Deportation: Living in fear of a knock on the door or worrying about a loved one who has been detained while their immigration status is reviewed can cast dark clouds over the lives of honest, hardworking people who came here to realize the American Dream. When you or a loved one is facing deportation proceedings, despair can make you feel like giving up, letting the process run its course. A Tulsa immigration attorney can provide advice and legal representation that can clear away clouds of doubt as well as let you know where you stand and what you can do to protect your rights.

Your Guide to the Land of the Free

For the average person, the multiple facets of immigration law can be extremely difficult to understand. Immigration law can involve multiple federal agencies and sometimes even affects the way state and local agencies treat a person who is not a citizen. When a person runs afoul of immigration law, delays in legal processes or even deportation can make life a nightmare.

Don’t go it alone without legal representation. Let a Wirth Law Office immigration attorney help you navigate the journey.

We Understand Your Needs

Are you more comfortable explaining your situation in a native tongue? No problem. Many of our clients come from Spanish-speaking homelands. Nuestro abogado de inmigración habla español — our immigration attorney speaks Spanish.

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