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Tulsa sex crimes DNA defense attorneyYou Have a Right to an Attorney — Use It!

To be charged with a sex crime can trigger some of the most abject despair any criminal defendant may face. Fear can cloud critical thinking at the very time crystal-clear reasoning is required to navigate a potentially life-changing situation. It is not a situation to be faced alone.

Those working in the criminal justice system might use a defendants’ fear, isolation and uncertainty to tilt tables toward prosecutors, but the American legal system is designed to protect the accused. You have a right to an attorney. You have the right to remain silent. You cannot be forced to admit guilt.

Regardless if the charges allege rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, distributing pornography, lewd acts, Peeping Tom, indecent exposure, or failure to register as a sex offender, a person facing Oklahoma sex crimes charges urgently needs the immediate advice and counsel of a skilled Oklahoma sex crimes attorney.

Casual statements made to investigators early on can have major consequences later. A person facing possible sex crimes charges should talk to an attorney before talking to police or administrative investigators such as DHS Child Welfare Services.

An experienced Oklahoma sex crimes attorney reviews the facts in a sex crimes case to discover the best strategy for the accused. Allegations in any particular case might be false, unfounded, mistaken, misstated, or 100% true. The role of a sex crimes attorney is to help an accused client understand the potential benefits and risks of available strategies in the context of pending allegations.

The Best Legal Strategies

The facts of each sex crime case are unique. Diverse circumstances require unique strategies.

The best strategy for a wrongly accused client will likely differ from that of an admittedly guilty defendant or that of person charged with a technical violation related to Oklahoma sex offender registration. Finding the best legal strategy for a sex crimes defense requires knowledgeable counsel.

Experienced sex crimes lawyers know that clients’ strategic preferences can change as evidence emerges and deadlines loom. The best Oklahoma sex crimes attorneys recognize these junctures, helping clients appreciate the consequences and uncertainty associated with each option.

Tulsa criminal attorneys at Wirth Law Office have deployed strategies ranging from tenaciously defending innocence at trial to articulately pleading for mercy at sentencing hearings on guilty pleas. Our strategies have resulted in dismissals and acquittals at each stage of the criminal proceeding. In other cases, we persuaded courts to return significantly lower penalties than prosecutors requested.

We have won favorable outcomes on procedural arguments and on arguments to the merits of the case. While no attorney can assure results in a criminal proceeding, our experience lets you exercise your legal rights with confidence.

Get Legal Counsel Now

It is never too soon to consult a criminal defense attorney experienced in defending against sex offense charges. If police or child welfare workers are asking questions related to allegations against you, now is the time to speak to an attorney.

If you are already facing sex offense charges, each moment that passes before you retain qualified counsel can further complicate your situation. You need someone on your side who knows what to say and what not to say to investigators — someone who will investigate your side of the story and, if required, present your case in court.

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