Tulsa Attorney BlogMotion to Suppress Granted

Tulsa Attorney wins Motion to SuppressToday Tulsa attorney James M. Wirth was successful in getting all incriminating evidence suppressed in a criminal case in Tulsa County District Court. Wirth Law Office’s client was charged with Endeavoring to Manufacture Methamphetamine. However, the police obtained incriminating evidence by entering a Tulsa home without a warrant.

At the preliminary hearing, Mr. Wirth and the co-defendant’s attorney, Adam Haselgren, both argued that there was no valid exception to the warrant requirement. Judge Youll agreed that the parties’ 4th Amendment rights had been violated and suppressed all evidence. UPDATE (August 23, 2011). The State failed to perfect an appeal regarding the motion to suppress, so all charges against Wirth Law Office’s client were dismissed. Furthermore, the client is eligible for a complete expungement of the court case and the arrest.

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