Tulsa Attorney BlogJuvenile Delinquency Charges Dropped

State’s Case Was Flawed

Video Transcript: Hello justice seekers. This is Justin Mosteller with the Wirth Law Office and I’m very excited to share with you today the results of another successful case. Several months ago we were retained by a concerned father to represent his son and a Tulsa juvenile delinquency case. I had the opportunity to meet this young man and I was incredibly honored to represent him in this matter. I reviewed the material and determined that this young man was factually innocent of these charges.

Now when I discussed this with the state, they did not agree and at that point we set the matter for a trial. Oftentimes setting a matter for a trial when the evidence is particularly weak will force the state to evaluate their case and may result in a dismissal, and that’s what happened today. This young man is no longer facing criminal charges and his case has been dismissed.

Now, if your child is charged with a crime in Tulsa County, you need to remember to consult with an attorney and make for sure that you have seasoned legal counsel on your side. If your child is charged with a crime, do not hesitate to reach out to the Wirth Law Office. We can be reached at (918) 932-2800 and we look forward to hearing from you.


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