Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Protective Order Process – Step 6 : Service of Final Protective Order

A Full Overview On The Final Protective Order

Video Transcribed: Step six in the protective order process in Oklahoma, service of the final protective order.

I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to tell you what it means to get service on the final protective order. Okay, so you’re at a protective order hearing, and the protective order is granted. It’s a full final order. So the protective order case is done.

That order needs to be served under certain circumstances. If the defendant is present in court, then it can be served at that time. They write up the paperwork really quickly. They send somebody to go file it with the clerk.

They come back with a file stamped copy, and you’re served and it’s done from that point. If the defendant fails to appear and it’s granted in default, it only has to be served if it provides different terms than the ex parte order, assuming there was one, that was entered previously.

If there wasn’t a prior ex parte order that was served, then the final protective order has to be served in the same way the emergency would be served by a sheriff deputy. If it was already served and the party doesn’t show but the new order has the same terms, it doesn’t have to be served again.

So that’s what’s required on service. But don’t take my word for it. If you’ve got a case going on, you’re going to want advice specific to you. So talk to an attorney. Do you want to talk to me? Give me a call 918-879-1681

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