Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is a Split Sentence in an Oklahoma Criminal Case?

A Split Sentence is a Combination Between a Suspended Sentence and a DOC Sentence

Video Transcribed: What is a split sentence in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, and we’re about to talk about split sentences.

Okay, so a split sentence is a combination between a suspended sentence and a DOC sentence or a jail time sentence.

So you might have a 7/3 split, and that would be where you’re going to serve seven years in and then you get three years probation.

Or, a 5/5 split or whatever the case may be. Sometimes if you’re doing just a little bit of jail time, what they may say in the sentencing is you’ve got a “five years all suspended but the first 30 days”, and then you do 30 days in and the rest is suspended.

So, a split sentence is when you’re combining a part in-time sentence and a part suspended sentence. So, that’s what that is.

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